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Are you a woman in your dreams?

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MIdgebabe Thu 19-Apr-18 07:45:26

Just thinking about what it means to feel like a woman. I am a woman in dreams involving my daughter and when I am being chased. Other dreams it is indeterminate or male. Indeterminate probably dominates these days but as a girl/teenager male dominated. Ok I have sometimes been inanimate objects also.

SporadicSpartacus Thu 19-Apr-18 07:54:31


I think I’m usually an ungendered being or a man in my dreams. It’s not even Friday, either.

I wonder if I associate exploring the dreamscape with freedom, and feel that doesn’t tally with having a female body. :/

Or, I have a Male Soul.

Eclairtooth Thu 19-Apr-18 07:55:18

Yes that happens to me sometimes too. Usually I am me. Sometimes I am someone with a completely different life, friends, family and sometimes I'm a man in these dreams. Its quite nice to be taller and to run faster which presumably relates to my idea of what it must be like to be a man.

Eclairtooth Thu 19-Apr-18 07:57:28

Yes I cant say I feel terribly aware of being female in most dreams or 'gendered' at all in fact. I guess gender it is so much a product if how others treat us it is less relevant if its just your own unconscious thoughts?

Eclairtooth Thu 19-Apr-18 07:58:17

I will consider if my male dreams happen mostly on Fridays grin

Rufustheconstantreindeer Thu 19-Apr-18 08:04:02

Im not usually any sex in my dreams, i am just me

Except if i am dreaming about having sex....then i still seem to have a woo, never possessed a penis in a dream

Branleuse Thu 19-Apr-18 08:11:07

i dont dream a lot, but i dont recall having any sense of gender in my dreams, and i really struggle to grasp what people mean by feeling like a woman.

LangCleg Thu 19-Apr-18 08:13:33

My dreams are usually about me as me, so about a woman.

Bloodmagic Thu 19-Apr-18 14:46:48

I don't see my own body in my dreams but I dream as myself.

I have fairly vivid dreams and lately in my dreams I've been taking charge of shit (leading people through the zombie apocalypse wasteland and stuff, my dreams are hard core) and even when I'm behaving in a "male" way I don't think I'm a man, I'm just me, doing what I know is right.

I wonder if you are viewing yourself as a male in your dreams, or if upon waking you're looking back on your dream and you're viewing yourself without a female body and acting without considerations for other people seeing you as female, you retrospectively interpret that as dreaming that you are male, if you know what I mean?

That being said I've dreamed I was a cat before so it's not weird.

KittTheCar Thu 19-Apr-18 15:07:30


I don't dream very picture-y, I am just me, and dreams tend to be feelings and stuff rather than looking/ seeing things so I don't have a sexed body to look at as I don't see stuff sorry of thing.

Also found out recentl in a thread on here that not being able to picture things in your "minds eye" is not that common, I can't do this. I can't picture places or people, I get feelings, emotions, sensations especially touch, and my head is full of music all the time!

So, I don't really connect with myself in a sexed way outside of the biological or the imposed (how I'm treated) at all. In gender speak this is agender I think, according to stonewall also rare. I don't think it's rare at all to not have an internal gender, thread on here a few years back, most women didn't. Like other things that other people have and I don't eg spirituality, I can't imagine what it is like. I believe they have it though, it often seems to not work the other way around.

penguinsandpanda Thu 19-Apr-18 15:10:49

I've always been female and recently always with Putin. confused

GemmaB78 Thu 19-Apr-18 15:11:49

I have dreams like bloodmagic: always hardcore, adventure style, and I am always myself. Always female.

rememberthetime Thu 19-Apr-18 15:16:38

Putin ???

I never even think about my gender/sex in my dreams. I'm just me, as I see myself right now, the way I have always seen myself.

I am usually a more stressed out version of me who is struggling to do something, but I'm still me.

Either that or my teeth are crumbling into little stumps and I am panicking!!

Juells Thu 19-Apr-18 15:18:11

I'm nothing in my dreams or sometimes, I suspect, a young man. Hard to remember.

Waddlelikeapenguin Thu 19-Apr-18 15:19:43

I'm not sure i even have a body in dreams confused & i dont see things either - i mostly feel sensation & hear things occasionally there are colours.... mostly it's an awareness of something

OohMavis Thu 19-Apr-18 15:23:47

I'm only noticeably feminine in dreams where I'm having a rather, ahem, good time grin

Usually I'm just me. Actually usually a thinner version of me, who can run without getting out of breath.

TwittleBee Thu 19-Apr-18 15:29:15

Usually it is just like I am watching a film in my dreams, trying to think now what gender often tends to be the lead character but I think it is pretty evenly split

EBearhug Thu 19-Apr-18 15:55:03

I am hyperphantasic, so have a very visual mind's eye. My dreams are usually very vivid and active. I am usually me, but slimmer and fitter. But sometimes, I am watching myself like it's an out of body experience, and I think sometimes I am actually someone entirely different, and then I might be male, female, indeterminate, really not sure. (Haven’t had a dream lie that for ages.) Think I'm always me in sex dreams, though.

Rufustheconstantreindeer Thu 19-Apr-18 15:56:38

Weirdly i usually have longer hair

KanyeWesticle Thu 19-Apr-18 16:03:33

I'm just me. Usually gender neutral. Very rarely there's biologically female bits like pregnancy, periods, breastfeeding. Even in the terrible presenting a talk naked, or taking an exam naked, the body parts aren't really identifiable. I've never dreamt about classically feminine stuff like shoes/dresses/glitter/makeup (unless clown dreams count as makeup). I have had sex dreams in which my partner is always a male, and I'm always straight... so by extension, female.

Dinosauratemydaffodils Thu 19-Apr-18 16:16:08

Only in my nightmares. The rest of the time very gender neutral.

BrashCandicoot Thu 19-Apr-18 17:21:17

The only time I've ever been aware of being a woman - as in, in a female body - in my dreams is when I've had dreams about being pregnant/giving birth, or the occasional sexy dream. Most of the time I'm just my own consciousness, if that makes sense. much like real life

ineedamoreadultieradult Thu 19-Apr-18 17:24:18

When I was younger I was always an ungendered being in dreams. For the last 3 or 4 years I have been a lesbian woman hmm they are not sexual dreams either but I've just been aware of being a lesbian during the dreams even though they have had nothing to do with that.

heateallthebuns Thu 19-Apr-18 17:34:25

Yes I'm a woman, but I'm always me. Sometimes me at a different age. Yes, I'm mostly young me.

ijustwannadance Thu 19-Apr-18 17:36:52

I have never been anything other than myself in dreams. Although usually a better/more capable version of me. A bit more Lara Croft than unfit asthmatic.

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