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ManFriday needs you!

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SwearyG Thu 22-Mar-18 11:56:15

After the runaway success of last week and the traction we have in the media (shitty interviews aside, but we'll ignore those) and they're keen to know what we're doing this week, and what would really help us is numbers. I hope that if we get enough companies to pull their self-ID stuff we can then start getting at the places where more vulnerable women will need protecting, possibly not with public activism but with discourse, but I think that might be us getting ahead of ourselves.

The plan for tomorrow is changing rooms. We know that Topshop, Primark, Marks and Spencer and Urban Outfitters have said that anyone who identifies as a woman can enter the women's changing rooms so the opposite will apply.

Clearly, it won't make a huge amount of impact as a single act in a single shop so we need numbers and social media impact to push this one. I can't dare to hope about the success of last week but I think bringing it to the attention of people who don't know who is allowed in their changing rooms has got to have some impact.

So here's what we need to do:

Pick one of the shops listed

Use one of the changing rooms. You could use the men's as it's man Friday or you could be a horrid man perving in the women's instead. Do what you're comfortable with.

Take photos - they can be of you changing, of the gaps around the curtain, of you outside the men's changing room, if you're brave and take a friend they could be of you inside the changing room taken around the curtain or under the door.

Tweet the company and @ManFriday_ and say something along the lines of how great it was to be in whichever changing room and how nice it was to be around all sorts of people in stages of undress. Say how you appreciate that your feelings are being considered as more important than the safety, privacy and dignity of everyone else in there. You can say stuff about vulnerability too, go to town with your 280 characters.

Don't forget to add the hashtag #manfriday

I know it's something little, but it is something most people would be able to do in a lunch hour or small part of their day and the more people we have the better in the media. We will get better press coverage, and therefore maybe companies rethinking their policies with greater numbers.

Swim England have taken down their guidance, silently, we don't know what they're going to do next, but it does feel like if nothing else we've made people think.

If you're concerned that it won't make a difference, remember that people are still talking about this in the national press in a world where we live in a 24 hour news cycle. Just from two women going for a swim.

MsMcWoodle Fri 23-Mar-18 14:41:48

And here it is:-
Hello XXX
Thanks for taking the time to get in touch - I hope you're well.
It's great to hear that you've been a huge fan of our underwear. Fitting rooms, whilst usually located in specific product areas such as Womenswear and Menswear, are available for all customers to use.
Our customers can use whichever changing rooms they feel most comfortable using.
I hope this helps.
Thanks again, XXX and I hope you have a lovely weekend!

2rebecca Fri 23-Mar-18 14:46:16

M&S changing rooms have cubicles so opposite sex folk being there not likely to inconvenience the other folk or make them uncomfortable.

MsMcWoodle Fri 23-Mar-18 14:49:12

my response:-
That's great to know!
I am a bit confused though - maybe it's because I've got my 'man brain' on today! - Does the comfort of the other changing room users not matter?

athingthateveryoneneeds Fri 23-Mar-18 14:51:27

M&S changing rooms have cubicles so opposite sex folk being there not likely to inconvenience the other folk or make them uncomfortable.

Not where I went today; big gap in an uncloseable curtianed cubicle.

Cooljazz Fri 23-Mar-18 14:57:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

2rebecca Fri 23-Mar-18 14:58:19

Just told my (male) colleagues about this weeks Man Friday escapades. Was the first they'd heard of it (not being very political) . "Brilliant" was their view, mainly because gender self ID was "bloody ridiculous"

thenightsky Fri 23-Mar-18 15:01:51

MsMcWoodle I think you'll be fine in Brighton... don't we have the highest number of petition signers there? wink

picklemepopcorn Fri 23-Mar-18 15:05:43

I'm not in a position to do anything today, but I'll like and share and I've saved the link to the leaflets for next time.

picklemepopcorn Fri 23-Mar-18 15:06:02

And I may peak trans my mother this weekend.

MsMcWoodle Fri 23-Mar-18 15:08:02

cooljazz Crap! Wish I'd have thought about that before I wrote back. Somebody should do it. If I get any more contact, I'll ask.
thenightsky yes, but I'm sure it has the highest number of transexuals and their mates too.

Totalshambles Mon 04-Jun-18 16:56:43

Can someone let me know what the latest is with this and how to join in with plans?

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