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How to make love to a trans woman

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PsychoPumpkin Thu 22-Mar-18 10:08:11

Article link.

PsychoPumpkin Thu 22-Mar-18 10:08:34

PsychoPumpkin Thu 22-Mar-18 10:10:09

You don’t have to try very hard to read between the lines, but the writer of this article seems to be saying ‘trans women are women, but even better and more womanly!’

We have out of proportion bodies, frigidity and less fresh vaginas apparently.

Elendon Thu 22-Mar-18 10:11:46

I got as far as 'you get to connect with your animal side' and then left.

The point of this post is?

nauticant Thu 22-Mar-18 10:12:13

That is so utterly ludicrous I'm struggling to read it through my mirth. Dishonest and gaslighting obviously, but the stupidity is outstanding.

Ellenripleysalienbaby Thu 22-Mar-18 10:14:24

Wow, the misogyny is positively dripping from that article.

PsychoPumpkin Thu 22-Mar-18 10:14:25

No point to it really, it was just so jaw dropping my dumb I wanted to share.

TempusFugitive Thu 22-Mar-18 10:15:02

Wow. Their vaginas are better. Their bodies are better proportioned. The experience is more exhilarating!

An experience is only 'exhilarating' if you want it to happen.

Notice the way they talk to men, cis men !! Is much softer and more seductive that the way they tslk to women.

Funny that. Their measure of being a better proportioned woman is a surgical vagina and fake breasts?? They're welcome to all the surgery they want but selling themselves as better fucks than women is so sad and pathetic. They reduce themselves there. That shows how they measure women.
Wow just wow.

TerfingHell Thu 22-Mar-18 10:15:16

My vagina is so stale :-(

MyBrilliantDisguise Thu 22-Mar-18 10:19:11

Most cis-women have a certain frigidity to them that does not allow them to totally open up during the lovemaking, but there is no such problem with Trans women.

TempusFugitive Thu 22-Mar-18 10:19:32

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

TempusFugitive Thu 22-Mar-18 10:21:22

@mybrilliantdisguise, their logic is...... Most women are like women huh!
Being more like a man makes a better woman!?

PsychoPumpkin Thu 22-Mar-18 10:22:58

I’m sure the majority of trans women don’t actually talk about women this way and this is only one person behind this article, but it’s such a disgusting way to talk about women and their bodies.

MyBrilliantDisguise Thu 22-Mar-18 10:23:21

Please don't call them 'cis men.'

GruffaloPants Thu 22-Mar-18 10:23:49

Says it all really, doesn't it? Laden with hatred of women, their sexuality, their bodies.

Still, at least my partner is willing to overlook my stale, uncomfortable vagina, frigidity and ill-proportioned body, goodness knows why grin.

I now demand to see a similar article from the PoV of a sex doll, slating transwomen.

HomeTerf Thu 22-Mar-18 10:26:15

Zero mention of female pleasure, which is obviously irrelevant.

"They have a sexual appetite that very few cis-women can compete with.'
Because sex is a competition. Try a bit harder, laydeez (or fake that enthusiasm.)

BitOutOfPractice Thu 22-Mar-18 10:26:19

Most men on this planet will not experience the transgender sex experience due to a combination of social conditioning and internalized inhibitions; they are missing out big time

Do they really believe that's why most men won't experience it?

MyBrilliantDisguise Thu 22-Mar-18 10:27:46

Does "internalised inhibitions" = "I really don't want to do that?"

PsychoPumpkin Thu 22-Mar-18 10:28:35

If someone wrote an article talking about how trans women’s bodies were obviously masculine under their clothes or that in order to ‘make love’ to them you had to ignore the fact that they still had a penis, and how it’s actually nothing like having sex with a natal woman then you’d be accused of transphobia, but this article is fine as misogynistic views have always been acceptable.

BitOutOfPractice Thu 22-Mar-18 10:29:50

Could it also be that most men never meet trans women, because proportionally there aren't that many of them?

Orangesox Thu 22-Mar-18 10:29:55

Wow. That makes for an interesting read. Not quite sure why my husband married me when he could have a fresh vagina housing, better proportioned, permenantly sexually aroused trans-woman hmm

The term “implanted vagina” struck me as odd.... it’s not an implant, it’s another body part fashioned to make a neo-vagina. It’s not an organ transplant for Christ sake!

BitOutOfPractice Thu 22-Mar-18 10:30:49

And yes, most straight men would be put off by a penis (for which they would no doubt be accused of transphobia)

Momo18 Thu 22-Mar-18 10:31:37

Wow, I have no words.

So basically women are shy and frigid, trans women however are more woman in bed. Why can't they just be trans without attacking women!?

deydododatdodontdeydo Thu 22-Mar-18 10:33:34

That article is so badly written, mysoginist and frankly transphobic, I wonder if it was actually written by a fifth columnist.

Mouthtrousersafrocknowandthen Thu 22-Mar-18 10:34:45

A surgical opening accessing a section of transplanted colon.

Jazz Jennings is apparently having one made from the peritoneum as they thought the colon idea was too revolting.

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