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Do women like 'cis'?

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CisMyArse Mon 19-Mar-18 10:03:43

Bloody gone and tangled myself in a twitter argument.

I don't like the term Cis, not many here do neither. I should have worded it differently, but I can't let it go. Someone has asked me how I can speak for all women and I don't know how to retort blush

iamawoman Mon 19-Mar-18 10:07:12

Its a label that is not needed. We are women we dont need an identity tag. Only used as a weapon for saying we are privileged for not having an identity crisis / disorder/sexual fetish. It riles me more when a woman uses than a transperson for some reason!!

LangCleg Mon 19-Mar-18 10:10:28

I speak for myself and I refuse coercively assigned labels, just as trans people do.

TallulahWaitingInTheRain Mon 19-Mar-18 10:11:24

You could reasonably say that although of course you can't speak for all women, the vast majority you have discussed it with find the term unnecessary and offensive

MadMags Mon 19-Mar-18 10:12:42

I don’t speak for all women. I speak for me, and I refuse to be assigned a label I neither want nor need.

AssassinatedBeauty Mon 19-Mar-18 10:13:09

I'd point out that they also can't speak for all women. Assuming that all women are fine with "cis" is wrong, as many clearly are not. It's as simple as that. It can be seen as offensive as it says that gender identity is innate for all women (this is a belief not a fact), and that all women identify with this innate female gender identity. That's offensive if you see gender as a hierarchy and as the tool used to oppress women, now and historically. I don't identify with that gender straightjacket.

loopsdefruit Mon 19-Mar-18 10:13:26

I'm fine with it, because I am not trans and I don't like the idea that there are trans women and then (normal/real/actual) women. Cis and trans are just adjectives, I'm totally in the minority on here though, but IRL all of my friends and all the other students at my uni (and staff) use cis to identify themselves. It's pretty normal.

Mouthtrousersafrocknowandthen Mon 19-Mar-18 10:15:01

Cis is a figment of the imagination. Most women have never even heard of it, not are they ever likely to. It's too pretentious for most of us in the real world to be bothered with.

Aethelthryth Mon 19-Mar-18 10:16:08

I dislike it. It diminishes us to a subset of a category which includes any man who imagines himself to be a woman

Mouthtrousersafrocknowandthen Mon 19-Mar-18 10:16:12

Maybe its "normal" at Uni but you sound a bit demented to the rest of the world!

2rebecca Mon 19-Mar-18 10:16:44

It's a label invented by transactivists for us and I view it the way I view any name one group of people gives another group when that group don't give themselves that name. Most names like this are racist. This is similar. I find cis as offensive as many racist terms like w** or n*****.

OldCrone Mon 19-Mar-18 10:16:50

'Cis' for you is like pronouns for trans people. Some transwomen don't mind being referred to as 'he', for others it is offensive. Some women don't mind being referred to as 'cis', but you find it offensive.

IntelligentYetIndecisive Mon 19-Mar-18 10:17:12

Cis and trans are prefixes for different isomers of chemical compounds.

I am a woman and being called a ciswoman offends me beyond my reasoning.

OvaHere Mon 19-Mar-18 10:17:57

It's another label designed to be used as a pejorative and is frequently used that way, as in die cis scum or the cis privilege of women who try to talk about experience of periods.

It's not just women either, see the latest twitter berating of cis gay men.

SwearyG Mon 19-Mar-18 10:20:25

Cis is described by TRAs as when our gender aligns with our sex isn’t it? I don’t believe in gender therefore cannot be cis. Woman is a biological term. It doesn’t need a pseudo-religious prefix.

ShotsFired Mon 19-Mar-18 10:21:11

If there are "cis women" and there are "trans women", what the holy fuck are plain "women"?

ShotsFired Mon 19-Mar-18 10:21:52

(apart from all of us who reject the gender stereotypes that are assigned to the label of "cis", that pretty much all of us!)

AfterSchoolWorry Mon 19-Mar-18 10:23:05

I don't like it because I was never consulted about it. It assumes one small cohort (TRA's) get to dictate what language is permissible and what is not.

Fuck that.

If a term is needed to differentiate biological XX chromosome people I like 'natal woman'

LineysRun Mon 19-Mar-18 10:23:41

Hasn't Lils Madigan used it as part of an insult on Twitter recently? Something to do with Michael Cashman?

It's an insult, anyway.

OvaHere Mon 19-Mar-18 10:26:14

My simplistic answer to this is that there is a social contract of politeness going on here. If you call me cis after I've explained why I reject it then I will cease to use your preferred pronouns.

WeAreGerbil Mon 19-Mar-18 10:26:38

Oh good are more gay men going to be peak transed then?

I also reject gender and I'm not particularly feminine so cis doesn't seem to apply to me.

smithsinarazz Mon 19-Mar-18 10:30:33

I don't exactly mind, if it's necessary in the context of a discussion to make a distinction between trans and Not Trans. But I do mind if it's an implicit affirmation of the concept of psychological gender.

Trills Mon 19-Mar-18 10:30:48

I think it's a useful word.

I think in 20 years time people will see "don't call me cis" the same way we think of people in the past saying "don't call me straight, I'm just normal".

LineysRun Mon 19-Mar-18 10:32:37

I think a lot of gay men are certainly going to be Peak Madiganned.

UpstartCrow Mon 19-Mar-18 10:33:40

No one speaks for everyone, thats a silencing tactic much loved by abusers and their flying monkeys..

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