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Hollywood Headless Project

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MsMalcontent Tue 13-Mar-18 23:18:04

I've just read this article and was wondering what people's thoughts are? The fact that women are presented as headless bodies really interests me in the context of how we are viewed as human beings. I only relatively recently discovered the concept of the male gaze and it's really changed how I see women portrayed in the media, but this article takes it a massive step further, for me at least. I'm not articulating what I want to say very well, but it's the feeling that we are props, objects to be looked at - that a face would make the body parts sentient somehow. And the body parts could be cast offs from a broken Barbie - long legs, big boobs, tiny waist - and there is something disposable about that thought.

GoodyMog Wed 14-Mar-18 09:21:43

It's definitely part of the idea that women are objects, whether that's sexual objects, plot devices, etc.

And it's so prevalent, once you are aware of the Hollywood Headless thing you see it everywhere.

Interestingly I'm reading a book about the team that started profiling for serial killers, and it's just commented on a killer who covered their victims face before performing sex acts on their - by then dead - body. That man needed the women to be merely an object in order to use her body, and the shortcut to that was to hide the face.

Should1stayorshould1go Wed 14-Mar-18 09:28:38

Very interesting - makes me think of this? about the images presented of obesity which dehumanise the individuals into body parts

Sarahjconnor Wed 14-Mar-18 09:32:19

And all the ‘dead’ women in adverts

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