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Trans woman falsely alleges rape...

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QuentinSummers Tue 20-Feb-18 20:37:17

Seemingly with the aim of getting moved to women's prison.
I'm so angry about this. Thanks for giving misogynists evidence that "women make it up".
Add it to "women rape", "women abuse children" etc.

And we aren't supposed to get annoyed about crimes being recorded under offenders gender identity rather than sex.

TheXXFactor Tue 20-Feb-18 20:57:15

LOL at the headline though - apparently Queer Theory hasn't yet crossed the Tamar smile

(And, no, I don't think that all/most trans people are perverts. But this one clearly is and it's good to see it acknowledged)

QueenLaBeefah Tue 20-Feb-18 21:11:43

I'd be extremely surprised if this charming individual is a genuine transsexual which, again, illustrates that self id is such a bad idea.

rb67 Tue 20-Feb-18 21:12:10

Most people won't know what a "transgender woman" means (because it a meaningless) and seeing a female name following will probably assume he is a woman.
Presumably when this person is convicted of yet another offence he will fight for (and others will fight on his behalf) the right to be in a women's prison.

CapnHaddock Tue 20-Feb-18 21:16:55

I don't know what a 'genuine transsexual' is any more - and neither do the prison system, NHS, education or the media. Despite the fact that we don't have self ID in the UK, 99% of public institutions act like we have.

Juzza12 Tue 20-Feb-18 21:38:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rb67 Tue 20-Feb-18 21:39:58

was on another thread.
absolutely fucking ridiculous!

If this had been a woman would probably have been sent down.

Thisusernamethingistricky Tue 20-Feb-18 21:50:38

LOL at the headline though - apparently Queer Theory hasn't yet crossed the Tamar

I thought exactly the same when I read the headline - no fucks given by Cornwall Live!

BarrackerBarmer Tue 20-Feb-18 21:51:07

I think it's time to knock on the head the idea that there are 'genuine transwomen' and 'fake transwomen'

There really is no tangible difference between a man who says he's a woman (and believes his own words)
and a man who says he's a woman (and doesn't believe his own words)

They're both men. They're both not women, despite what they say.

buckeejit Tue 20-Feb-18 21:52:29

Juzzah-that is awful. I'm agog.

rb67 Tue 20-Feb-18 21:57:41

LOL at the headline though - apparently Queer Theory hasn't yet crossed the Tamar

I thought exactly the same when I read the headline - no fucks given by Cornwall Live

- I didn't notice that at all, and don't know what you mean tbh. Just goes to show that half the battle is the language. People don't question it as they don't know wtf it means.

I had to sit through a lecture on queer theory as part of a degree. It was like o'level sociology that I had done at school 20 years previously. It was as part of a professional degree, we nearly complained as it was so pointless and childish. Looking back on it we should have done.

OlennasWimple Tue 20-Feb-18 21:59:56

TBF "pervert" is a pretty good descriptor in this case. He isn't in prison for not paying his council tax, but for a string of sex offences against children.

I wonder how many TRAs will be supporting his struggles and signing petitions for a move to a women's prison? Or is this (another) case to be swept to one side with a "not a real transwoman" dismissal?


Mogleflop Tue 20-Feb-18 22:05:55

I love that headline.

It's scary that men like this are twisting official statistics and stories. Genuinely scary.

thebewilderness Tue 20-Feb-18 22:09:06

The corporate media show themselves to be propagandists when they report a male sex offender as a woman.

AngryAttackKittens Tue 20-Feb-18 22:12:39

So he has a personality disorder, tells lies, and feels no guilt for doing so. But this is nothing to do with the behavior of some of the most prominent online trans activists, right?

Juzza12 Tue 20-Feb-18 22:36:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Norfolklassie Wed 21-Feb-18 00:07:56

Including Transwomen as women for crime statistics is what sent me into peak trans. “Big increase in violence and sex crimes by women” the headlines screamed.... on further investigation most of the perpetrators were actually men who identified as women, and were included i the statistics as women.

As they say.... there’s lies, damned lies and statistics!

Ouchbirthhurted Wed 21-Feb-18 00:26:55

Norfolk was this headline already reported somewhere or are you just predicting it for the future?

QuentinSummers Wed 21-Feb-18 07:32:16

Could be this gem

Norfolklassie Wed 21-Feb-18 08:01:27

I’ve got to go to work so not much Time to find info. It’s really difficult to find anything online which shows trans are included in female statistics - but there is a strong correlation between self identification and the rise in numbers of violent or sex crimes by women.

Norfolklassie Wed 21-Feb-18 08:04:08

@QuentinSummers for sure, I read that incredulously - that article is a true example of the emperors new clothes!

Norfolklassie Wed 21-Feb-18 08:13:07

Latest sex crime by a woman...

Same article.... Cornwall obviously not caught up on political correctness yet grin

Somethingweird Wed 21-Feb-18 08:13:23

We can't know whether the rise is because actual biological women are committing more violent crime, or whether violent crimes by trans-identifying men are bumping the numbers up. Because the latter have to be recorded as committed by women.

Also from that article:

Perpetrator has violent abusive childhood - commits sexual crimes against minors - has a personality disorder - identifies as trans. Surely the prison psychiatrists aren't just nodding sagely and agreeing that he is simply finding his authentic self?

LangCleg Wed 21-Feb-18 08:45:27

If you want to see the vast differences in offending patterns between the sexes, full data for 2015 is here:

Various of the downloads include totals for convictions etc. You can then compare these against reports on the Trans Crime website to see how distorted inclusion of TIMs makes them.

I did see a similar analysis on 2016 figures somewhere but I can't find it now. But I'm pretty sure I recall there being 4 women convicted of attempted murder and 2 of them were TIMs, and 6 women convicted of possession of the most extreme category of porn and 2 of them were TIMs.

Datun Wed 21-Feb-18 09:58:28

Given that there are 10,000 to 14,000 men in prison for sex offences and 120 women, any man recorded as a woman is going to start skewing the statistics almost immediately.

Two men will show over a ten percent increase.

It's so dangerous and ludicrous.

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