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transgender europe.

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rb67 Wed 14-Feb-18 20:18:09
"TGEU works to ensure that every person in Europe can change their name and/or gender in official documents without any interference."

These people have really got their shit together! They want the same as ranty trans actvists but present as sensible.
The link above is not the home page, but if you look at the "Third Party" info it is interesting. This group and other trans rights groups making submissions in court cases using human rights law.

It is difficult to oppose something that has all the energy of a new movement plus what looks to be proper funding. (!!)

OvaHere Wed 14-Feb-18 21:29:28

Interesting. Thanks for posting.

The medical treatment wanted by a non binary person in this article is a new one to me. They seem to be wanting a sort of hybrid.

“As a non-binary trans person [..] I could not receive treatment in a GIU (Gender Identity Unit) because I felt forced to lie and pretend to be a binary trans man, and this in my case would be unfeasible because what I’m doing is a low hormone treatment dose to reach only a certain level of changes and when changes have taken place I will lower the dose. Conventional professionals would most likely not respect this type of process and pressure me to accept a binary transition pack or to remain without treatment.”
Non-binary person, age 34, Spain

rb67 Wed 14-Feb-18 22:40:27

There is a whole veneer to the site but if you look at the glossary it is usual self id, cis.

They offer "information, support and training to its members to build their skills, knowledge and resources in the areas of fundraising and grant writing, organisational development, community organising, and advocacy and policy work."
It seems they are being funded to prove themselves right.

Two things noticed in the immediate -
- that a court case advocating for trans rights in Georgia using human rights law undermines womens rights all over Europe.
- how much this piggy back on lesbian, gay, bisexual rights when it should be a stand alone topic.(which is a thread on here)
- there is no mention of women, but why would there be?

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