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Well this is interesting

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Gileswithachainsaw Mon 12-Feb-18 19:52:19

Again self ID is up for grabs

I'm a straight nearly middle aged white woman but I might identify as a disabled black lesbian.

Not offensive at all.hmm

rb67 Mon 12-Feb-18 19:57:53

So people can self define as black? This could get interesting.
There was an article about this on the Guardian today. No class analysis at all. Very sad.

Anyway, let's see what happens with this.

AssignedPuuurfectAtBirth Mon 12-Feb-18 20:00:22

Oh it has kicked off big style

Since we can 'self id' as black, BAME or women, does this mean we can black up, get a wheelchair, or don a frock?

Gileswithachainsaw Mon 12-Feb-18 20:03:34

Well they seem more upset straight white guys are excluded....

AssignedPuuurfectAtBirth Mon 12-Feb-18 20:05:22

Of course they do, but this is the time to tell them to self ID as whatever the fuck they want. Might concentrate the minds somewhat

Notwellbitch Mon 12-Feb-18 20:07:16

Those commenting don't seem to be noticing the "self identify as" bit do they?

BlackBetha Mon 12-Feb-18 20:08:11

Sadly being under 27 and having paid the membership fee are not up for self-identification, so that's me excluded...

On the positive side, no need for anyone to "black up", by the logic of self-ID surely your skin would be black just by you saying so?

Gileswithachainsaw Mon 12-Feb-18 20:08:40

Of course not. To worried about the straight white men.

As if everything isn't a straight white man day hmm

We all clearly just self define into everything we have to deal with.

Thisusernamethingistricky Mon 12-Feb-18 20:09:35

Surely the only one of those you can 'self define' as is trans. All of the others you either are or aren't?

Also, according to this you can self define as both trans and a woman? confused

misscockerspaniel Mon 12-Feb-18 20:11:48

No, they don't seem to have noticed/got the self-id bit. Which is what we all noticed straightaway, having been trained on MN grin

waterlego6064 Mon 12-Feb-18 20:11:54

Yes BlackBetha

And by that rationale, surely I can identify as a 25 year-old? I’m actually 40 but whatever, I don’t feel 40 so...

Gileswithachainsaw Mon 12-Feb-18 20:12:02

Who knows. Maybe all you wheelchair users need to non the wheels and define as a walking person

Gileswithachainsaw Mon 12-Feb-18 20:13:15

Bin the wheels

Fluffymcflufftown Mon 12-Feb-18 20:14:57

How strange that very few are noticing the self ID aspect. It's been pointed out to one poster who couldn't believe it and declared it gibberish. Quite.
Come on guys figure it out!

Notwellbitch Mon 12-Feb-18 20:19:27

Or they know full well it's ridiculous but are being deliberately obtuse because they know they can't defend the notion of allowing someone to self identify as BAME or disabled and take a place in this event. And they know they can't rely on their usual tactic of screaming bigot at anyone who questions it.

niceberg Mon 12-Feb-18 20:23:03

Having also been trained on MN my immediate thought was that Jeremy WAS questioning the self-id bit. But I was hopelessly optimistic wasn't I? Doh.

Judashascomeintosomemoney Mon 12-Feb-18 20:23:22

Those commenting don't seem to be noticing the "self identify as" bit do they?

No, they don’t. Or they don’t get the implications yet. I’m not a JV fan but I’m assuming that is why he tweeted it and not because of the categories.

TallulahWaitingInTheRain Mon 12-Feb-18 20:25:05

Sadly being under 27 and having paid the membership fee are not up for self-identification

That's disgusting. It's sheer bigotry shock

noraclavicle Mon 12-Feb-18 20:26:40

It’s amazing how almost nobody is picking up on the ‘self id’ bit - it’s staring them in the face!

waterlego6064 Mon 12-Feb-18 20:27:14

Well they’re all just banging on about the fact that straight, white men are excluded, but not stopping to realise that they can be included if they wish- by identifying into any of those categories.

StringOfGoldStars Mon 12-Feb-18 20:27:25

Ooh, when I was a child I desperately wanted to be Japanese.

I might go along and self identify as Japanese.

Although I'm over 27, so I might have to self identify as that too and I don't know if that's allowed.

But i agree, none of those white straight able bodied men have worked out they can all self identify as black gay disabled women. It says so in black and white.

waterlego6064 Mon 12-Feb-18 20:28:22

I’ve always wanted to be Dutch. (I genuinely have 😂). Now I can make that dream a reality!

OvaHere Mon 12-Feb-18 20:30:22

So much outrage on the Jeremy Vine twitter thread but most seem to be missing the point of self defining.

Shame all those annoyed men can't muster some interest in the female erasure from the Labour Party.

TallulahWaitingInTheRain Mon 12-Feb-18 20:30:47

Well I identify as trans labour and I'm gobsmacked at the exclusionary nature of literally all labour's internal procedures with respect to people like me

Notwellbitch Mon 12-Feb-18 20:35:28

Its making me want to sign up to Twitter just so I can point out where it says they can self identify as any of those categories

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