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Is anyone else watching the Self-ID thing expecting Derren Brown to pop up

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Everyonematters Mon 12-Feb-18 13:58:38

... and reveal this was all just a massive social experiment to see how far an extreme MRA could push things?

Just wrote the below on another thread and was musing on how the debate got where it is today:

I do wonder whether Corbyn is thinking of the old school transexuals and just thinks things should be fair for them, not realising how much things have changed?

I think most general voters do - I certainly did until recently. I would happily have agreed at that point to a clause saying any transwomen could join my WI or wherever.

Now I see that once you do that and say trans women are women #nodebate , all the obvious biological reasons for women's protections and supports are already obscured from the debate.

Someone pointed out that no one in their right mind would come out with a proposal for an act in parliament for any man to be able to be treated as a woman in law.

But that's what self-ID is basically. As long as you believe all transwomen are women you can't see it. If all transwomen are women, if you accept that premise then of course you will believe they should have the legal protections and rights of women.

But how do we know which men who say they are trans are trans? Or have positive motivations? If we can't answer that question then we ARE basically passing proposal for an act in parliament for any man to be able to be treated as a woman in law.

GuardianLions Mon 12-Feb-18 14:07:38

I'm really surprised there hasn't been a Black Mirror on this one. I reckon Connie Huq should get on Charlie Brooker's case and inform him like she did with that great futuristic porn world episode - it was my favourite. (And an aside I think some of them have started going a bit status quo/stereotype reinforcing - like the one about the geeky programmer and his retro sci-fi world of spite and the obnoxious entrepreneurial CEO is the sympathetic hero <<vomit>> ).

BarrackerBarmer Mon 12-Feb-18 15:08:28


Sorry for shouting.
But seriously, I wondered if this was a massive social experiment to identify the section of society not suggestible to nonsense (us).

I wonder what he thinks of all this. He's been very good at debunking other mass beliefs not rooted in fact.

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