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The perks of being a trans prisioner

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sandy259 Sun 11-Feb-18 03:53:59

"But those who ‘change gender regularly’ are told staff must take pictures of them in both their ‘male and female roles’."

^ "Prison staff are also warned to watch out for male prisoners falsely claiming to be transgender so they can be sent to women’s jails."^

"the policy states they must be treated as transgender prisoners “if they say they are”

Does anyone know any prison officers? Would love to know how they feel about this, they're being told that people can change their gender on whim when it suits them and they're also not allowed to question it but also to look out for men that are doing it falsely, makes no sense.

thebewilderness Sun 11-Feb-18 07:21:18

None of the regulations that agencies are implementing have been thought through and many of them are in conflict with current law.
That is why Labour is losing female members. The Labour policy of trans self ID that trans identified males should have unfettered access to women is not acceptable to women. The fact that anyone is surprised by this is absurd.

rb67 Sun 11-Feb-18 09:31:13

Anne Ryslo the Labour Womens Officer ousted by L. Madigan, is a former prison officer. She talks about it briefly at a public meeting which can be found on You Tube.
I think is the correct clip.

Someone on another thread asked if old style protest is worth a try. I think with women's prisons it probably is i.e if a male prisoner was being transferred to a women's prison it would be entirely appropriate to protest at the gate. The women have no means to make their voices heard and no political party at the moment is going to speak for them.
I do not mean protest against the man as enough of this debate is already about men and what they want, but protest in support of women.

Maryz Sun 11-Feb-18 11:18:29

How can anyone simultaneously accept someone is transgender if they say they are and watch out for male prisoners falsely claiming to be transgender?

It's impossible to do both.

Maryz Sun 11-Feb-18 11:40:36

Also, interestingly, there isn't a single comment in support of the TRA side of things, so hopefully the tide is turning a bit as more and more madness is exposed.

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