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Daily Mail: Radical Feminists protest new rules about self identification in Hampstead Heath womens pond

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miri1985 Sat 10-Feb-18 23:49:10

Every single one of the comments so far agrees

MillyTantTerf Sat 10-Feb-18 23:58:18

Not any more they don't. There's a nasty backlash jeering at feminists now. I think I'm going to wade in and help out over there.

AnotherCassandra Sun 11-Feb-18 00:02:50

shock @ Mr Cox and the comments on the OP link.

Terftastic Sun 11-Feb-18 00:21:42

'Radical feminists'??? I would by no means call myself a feminist but I completely agree with them. I don't care what you self identify as, unless you have a woman's anatomy you shouldn't be allowed to use women only facilities.

The top comment when I clicked on the link. Hurrah. We are finally being seen by a few as not just "radical feminists" (which is guaranteed to make a lot of people automatically switch off).

This is a biological woman backlash. Go us.

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