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Puberty talk at school

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ChampiontheWonderHamster Wed 07-Feb-18 09:24:02

I went to a parents’ talk yesterday at my Dds (Y6) girls’ school going over what materials and syllabus they’re going to be using in science and PHSE after half term to cover ‘life cycles’ and puberty.

It was awesome - lots of “girls become women” and “boys become men”, all women have been through eg starting their periods, boys have a different route through puberty but have challenges too.... not a mention or hint or even nod towards any trans ideology.

On the negative side, it was all a bit heteronormative - you might have a crush on a pop star (all the images shown at that point in the video were men) and that’s practice for forming a loving relationship when you’re older; you might not think about boys much now, but you will find that changes and you become more interested in boys and relationships..

I’m not too fussed about the het-norm; obv it’s not great but we talk a lot at home about different relationships, we have gay and lesbian couples as family friends and she knows I had girlfriends before I married her Dad.

But I WAS shitting bricks about whether I’d have to challenge any bloody mermaids or gires propaganda. I’m not good at confrontation but I this wouldn’t have been an issue I could let lie. But I didn’t have to!

How have we come so far that I’m relieved (and surprised) that my DD’s school is actually teaching her actual science. Bloody hell.

OvaHere Wed 07-Feb-18 09:43:39

If you haven't already please fill this in, the closing date is Monday

I filled it in and raised some of the same issues as you about same sex relationships and also made it clear that I would be very unhappy about orgs like GIRES or Mermaids having any input.

I think more discussion about same sex relationships from KS2 onwards is an important part of challenging gender nonsense.

ChampiontheWonderHamster Wed 07-Feb-18 09:55:04

That's interesting Ova - I thought about challenging the het-norm slant but I made the concious decision not to because I fear that has the potential to open the door to the rest of the alphabet soup - particularly the T. It really hit me that the T is doing the LGB harm rather than just not helping.

OvaHere Wed 07-Feb-18 10:11:00

Yes it's been hugely damaging to the LGB, mostly the L. The biggest group of casualties in trans ideology are going to be young girls and women who would otherwise have been comfortable growing up as Lesbian. Attitudes towards lesbianism and the push for them to identify as pansexual instead and accept TIMs as partners I think is forcing a lot to think that becoming a 'straight man' is a better more acceptable option.

I think more acceptance and understanding around same sex relationships taught at a younger age could help combat this. Given that we now have marriage equality, sex ed in schools hasn't really caught up. I guess that is one of the points of the consultation.

I agree though it does unfortunately increase the risk that T issues will be covered in an unhelpful way. I'm not at all opposed to children having discussions about gender dysphoria and why some people feel they need to present as the opposite sex but given the guidance that GIRES etc.. have produced for schools I fear that is not the message they would get. It's all become about rigid stereotypes that hardly any children will neatly fit into.

I know a lot of MNetters have filled this in so hopefully if enough of us point out we want same sex education but find trans ideology regressive they might listen.

ChampiontheWonderHamster Wed 07-Feb-18 10:29:40

Yes, I'd read about the effective conversion therapy that trans-ideology is, particularly for lesbians (regular on the boards under a name change!)

This just seemed to hit me harder. In years past I would have been all over the right of LGB to be seen and be included in these educational materials, but I now wouldn't because of the T. That change of my own mindset just seemed more personal and more horrifying...yet another peak-trans moment I guess.

Will fill in the consultaion on my lunchbreak!

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