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38 degrees silencing women

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Patodp Tue 06-Feb-18 07:24:12

I just came across this. It's a petition by Fair Play for Women asking 38 degrees to stop taking down petitions asking for reasonable debate (trans issues).

If you haven't already, please sign!

Patodp Tue 06-Feb-18 07:24:40

stoneagefertilitydoll Tue 06-Feb-18 07:31:16

I already told 38 degrees exactly what I thought of them and their silencing last time they did this. I'll tell them again in petition form though.

Mrsmiguelcervantes Tue 06-Feb-18 07:40:20

Yeah 38 degrees are awful, they’re happy to throw women under the bus. The original petition was very carefully worded but no, women aren’t allowed to question legislation that affects them.

Patodp Tue 06-Feb-18 07:40:36

What it so outrageous is how FPFW's original petition was asking trans people to be respected etc, but changes to the GRA making self ID legal, is too easily exploited by predatory men who can too easily use the legislation to gain access to vulnerable women and girls.

Apparently predatory men are a "vulnerable group" according to 38 degrees.

Makes you sick. Anyway I think this counter petition went up some time ago but I've only just seen it. It's still important.

TallulahWaitingInTheRain Tue 06-Feb-18 08:41:37

I was involved with 38 degrees before they started all that silencing shit. Now they can FOTTFSOFATFOSM

Fucking sick of being told what women are and aren't allowed to talk about

Theowlinthepussyhat Tue 06-Feb-18 10:03:22

Signed and shared. smile

dragongirlx Tue 06-Feb-18 13:48:55

signed and will be unsubscribing to 38 degrees and telling them why.
So pissed off that on the anniversary of women (well some women) getting the vote we are still having to put up with this shit!

Sittinonthefloor Tue 06-Feb-18 15:56:48


whitehandledkitchenknife Tue 06-Feb-18 16:00:01

Signed and DD will be cancelled. Shame on 38 Degrees.

PeteAndManu Tue 06-Feb-18 16:08:18

Signed. Uphold the values of decency and democracy my arse.

SmurfOrTerf Tue 06-Feb-18 16:09:29


loveyouradvice Mon 12-Feb-18 21:51:53

please sign!

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