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Yet another pro-trans, anti-feminist article in the Guardian

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hackmum Tue 23-Jan-18 11:40:32

Worth going on to comment?

genehuntswife Tue 23-Jan-18 11:44:41

Is this the same Paris Lees that thinks woman secretly love me being raped

genehuntswife Tue 23-Jan-18 11:45:16

Leave out the me...damm ipad

Bejazzled Tue 23-Jan-18 11:47:25

One of the biggest cheers however, was reserved for Paris Lees, transgender journalist and campaigner. “I’m here for the same reason a lot of you are here: because we need each other,” said Lees. “Every woman counts. Every woman deserves to be safe. Every woman deserves to live her life without limit. And we leave no one behind.

It's just utterly depressing. Do these people cheering even know what is at stake?

NotTerfNorCis Tue 23-Jan-18 11:49:51

Those women cheering on Paris Lees aren't thinking it through at all. Too scared of the 'bigot' label.

ChemistryGeek Tue 23-Jan-18 11:53:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheXXFactor Tue 23-Jan-18 11:54:12

BTL comments heartening though

UpABitLate Tue 23-Jan-18 11:59:41

Lees is keen on sexual harassment on the street and said that women and girls who don't like it are wet and prudish or something.

Don't know if I need to find it.

Paris can fuck off. Sexual harassment starts when you are way too young and no we don't know how to deal with it and why the fuck should we? Grown men should not be propositioning children.

patrickharviesorganicmuesli Tue 23-Jan-18 12:15:26

I'm not seeing any gender critical comments, I presume the guardian are deleting them for wrongthink?

Lottapianos Tue 23-Jan-18 12:19:20

' I presume the guardian are deleting them for wrongthink?'

Yes, looks like it. Splendid hmm

The reports of Paris being cheered by the crowd, and the passionate defence of Paris' speech at the march by one of the organisers, are both beyond depressing

guardianfree Tue 23-Jan-18 12:56:48

Amazingly there are some gender critical comments and they are (unheard of to date in the Guardian) being allowed to stand.

NotTerfNorCis Tue 23-Jan-18 12:59:21

All of the 'Guardian picks ' are heavily pro-Trans. Counter-arguments being deleted. This is why I won't subscribe. Why pretend to allow debate if you censor one side of it?

HedgerowAnimal Tue 23-Jan-18 13:05:14

Well, I've posted a couple of Gender-critical comments (under another pseudonym). There are a few posts linking to Paris Lees' article in praise of catcalling.

crustychristmastree Tue 23-Jan-18 13:07:24

Some are being pre approved before comments are allowed:

WBacca Tue 23-Jan-18 13:08:25

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

marillacuthbert2018 Tue 23-Jan-18 13:11:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

terfing Tue 23-Jan-18 13:11:41

But look at all the deleted comments... Plus, the ones which are highly upvoted are all gender critical.

The pro trans "Gaurdian Picks" are all very low scoring...

The TERFs are winning.

hackmum Tue 23-Jan-18 13:53:10

Good point, terfing. I can't believe just how clueless the Guardian is being on this. That stuff about how great Lily Madigan is - do they really have no idea?

EamonnWright Tue 23-Jan-18 13:54:41

Good point, terfing. I can't believe just how clueless the Guardian is being on this. That stuff about how great Lily Madigan is - do they really have no idea

You must remember that Owen Jones has a lot of sway at the Guardian.

hackmum Tue 23-Jan-18 15:32:48

Eamonn - I'm not sure he does, really. I think he's just a columnist. I doubt if he has much influence over their comment sections. I think they've just swallowed the Kool Aid.

mimivanne Tue 23-Jan-18 18:56:05

I looked for the article a while ago and saw it had been taken off the main page and comments closed hours ago.As all the five or 6 Guardian 'Picks' were pro-trans,no balance at all,and support for gender critical comments were very high in comparison to support for the pro-trans comments,I tend to think their pesky readers were in no way following the Guardian line

Maryz Tue 23-Jan-18 19:17:09

Of the seven "Guardian Pick" comment, three have under 10 upvotes, and the average is 13.5.

All the top comments (over 100 votes) are gender critical. And there are many deleted which are presumably also gender critical.


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