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Help me understand the Gender Recognition Act

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unlimiteddilutingjuice Fri 12-Jan-18 19:15:54


I went to the Glasgow meeting on the 10th (Hi to all the Mumsnetters present) and I'm trying to understand the issues.

But I'm getting a bit stuck because I don't understand equalities law all too well.
I wondered if someone who does understand equalities law could tell me:
1. As things stand at the moment- is it legal to deny a transwoman access to a sex segregated space, on the basis that sex is a protected characteristic?
2. How are things likely to change if there is a new Gender Recognition Act?

CunningOperative Fri 12-Jan-18 19:36:57

Dr Nicola Williams wrote about it on Fair Play For Women:

And I think the Sages fact sheet sums up the changes well:

Sorry for only dumping links on you, but I'm not very good at explaining stuff blush

unlimiteddilutingjuice Fri 12-Jan-18 20:30:02

Thanks CunningOperative
This is just the sort of stuff I was looking for

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Fri 12-Jan-18 22:46:03

They are great links thank you - just marking place to remind myself of them.

Datun Sat 13-Jan-18 11:45:45

Marking too.

shaggedthruahedgebackwards Sat 13-Jan-18 11:54:28

Also marking so I can read links

SugarPlumLairy Sat 13-Jan-18 18:16:20

Thanks for those links, 👍

MiniTheMinx Sat 13-Jan-18 18:33:42

I've been quite ignorant of this, thank you for the link. I'm angry at the idea category women and our experiences are being eradicated by men in dresses. Research points to the fact that male to female is often a sexual kink rather than any gender dysphoria. Not that I except the concept gender dysphoria either. It's interesting to read in the last link that the majority of jailed men seeking gender reassignment were convicted of sexual crimes.

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