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Thank you Women's March London

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woman11017 Fri 12-Jan-18 17:56:51

As no one else seems to be saying it, I will.
It was the most beautiful march and clearly enough to terrify a racist misogynist who's ostensibly president of america at the moment, into not coming to London.
It was a global first to have hundreds and hundreds of sister marches taking place all over the world.
We can and we do change things, together.
Well done us.

Fekko Fri 12-Jan-18 17:57:39

When was that?

Redonionricedpotato Fri 12-Jan-18 18:03:48

Gone off the marches since they banned pussy hats for being transphobic - I believe last years were great though.

woman11017 Fri 12-Jan-18 18:28:31

January 2017. Fekko They expected a few thousand women, we closed down central London. Yep I agree. Redonionricedpotato

hipsterfun Sat 13-Jan-18 00:52:24

Who banned hats?

What would whoever it was do if you went right ahead and wore one?

Redonionricedpotato Sat 13-Jan-18 04:12:04

I think it’s been some of the regional marches, Pensacola for example. I presume you’d get abuse for being a hateful transphobe if you wore one.

pisacake Sat 13-Jan-18 04:27:02

vancouver invited a man (claiming to be a woman) who tried to shut down the rape crisis centre to theirs.

woman11017 Sat 13-Jan-18 10:25:05

The alleged trans activists who trolled these threads last year, and who the organisers caved and allowed on the marches, did not appear as far as I could see on the actual Women's March for London, or amongst the millions and millions of women who marched globally in the marches.

Pussy hats have been a source of conflict; one has to wonder who is promoting the alleged trans activists, when we have been so successful.
Trans activists are just another organised 'take down' but in fact they're just funded twits or a few troubled, and violent teenagers. We just organise ourselves to mitigate.

There are of course, many more of us than them.

Sunkisses Sat 13-Jan-18 10:54:02

There is a trans takeover of loads of the Womens Marches (what a surprise). One has a trans-identified male dominatrix speaking. One has Laverne Cox leading it. One has banned 'pussyhats' for being 'transphobic'. Even the London one is going on and on about transwomen. Totally predictable that males would take over Women's Marches. What is so upsetting are the naive women who allow this to happen, and centre men in women's resistance

woman11017 Sat 13-Jan-18 11:09:30

I think the penny is dropping, gradually Sunkisses . Magadalen Berns/ Anna Ruyzlo movement is growing. I imagine that after the forthcoming events in Manchester, and Bristol (sorry I don't have the info to hand) there will be organisation and action. For women and by women.

hipsterfun Sat 13-Jan-18 13:02:14

[sigh] I’m not a hat person but now I have to source and wear a pussyhat. What are they going to do about it, exactly, give me the Maria MacLachlan treatment?

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