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John Humphries needs to go

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badbadhusky Fri 12-Jan-18 11:53:10

Caught on tape slagging off Carrie Gracie and the BBC equal pay row:

After his disgraceful attitude about the Weinstein/#metoo affair on the live Today programme with Michael Gove a few weeks ago, this dinosaur needs to be kicked into touch.

Despite his grandee status, I’ve started to find his dismissive, hectoring interview style is getting in the way of reporting the news.

What an arse!

IndominusRex Fri 12-Jan-18 11:57:08

Yes. He's a rape apologist and all round misogynist. Sack him.

Xenophile Fri 12-Jan-18 12:02:48

The word banter should be a fairly good indicator of someone who enjoys bullying people to the point of them retaliating, but then crying foul when they do.

"Can't you take a bit of banter?"

"fuck off!"

Bloomed Fri 12-Jan-18 12:03:43

He really needs to go.

nauticant Fri 12-Jan-18 12:05:48

I'd like to see him go because he's useless at holding people to account in the interviews he conducts. His "look at my being John Humphrys!" act often becomes the main event. There was a "serious" interview the other week that sounded nothing more than him pissing about with the interviewee playing along.

I love the BBC but him still being in post and paid a fortune is a real indictment of the culture in the organisation.

picklemepopcorn Fri 12-Jan-18 12:35:52

Losing him would go a fair way to freeing up the budget to address the inequity.

borntobequiet Fri 12-Jan-18 12:54:17

He's an insufferable, puffed up arse. And vastly ignorant outside his speciality of sucking up to/hectoring/bullying interviewees, depending on who they are. Agree with all the views above.

davidbyrneswhitesuit Fri 12-Jan-18 16:34:42

You could tell this was his attitude already from the chippy way he referred to it on the day the story broke, when Gracey was co-presenting Today....was like he went out of his way to make her feel awkward.

He's a useless presenter anyway; so deeply unintelligent and apparently unknowledgeable, and his interview style is dire technically. He just sounds so outdated compared with the other Today presenters...I hope this gives the BBC the push they need to retire him (and yes, free up some dosh for those far more talented and professional women presenters 😁)

Subtleconstraints Fri 12-Jan-18 18:04:54

I don't know anyone who likes his presenting style tbh; smug, hectoring and not particularly effective. I turn off if he is presenting Today.

And the "chatty" bits on Mastermind which should be fairly easy for someone with his supposed skill set (and pay level) are toe curlingly awkward and cringe worthy.

Bloomed Fri 12-Jan-18 18:21:42

I hope this leak is what he's remembered for.

Greebz Fri 12-Jan-18 18:21:58

Totally agree, he is a horrible, sexist windbag 💨

theuntameableshrew Fri 12-Jan-18 18:51:13

I really hope the BBC management are “deeply unimpressed” enough to get rid of him. I can’t stand listening to him on R4 in the mornings. Insufferable man

Thermostatpolice Fri 12-Jan-18 20:47:27

Oh dear. I've always liked him but didn't realise that he was such a misogynist. Of course he must go.

The other one who needs to be moved on is Melvyn Bragg. I can't listen to In Our Time any more. He talks over and belittles the female commentators whilst fawning over the men. Ugh.

nauticant Fri 12-Jan-18 21:13:29

Ahh yes, Melvin Bragg vs the Industrial Revolution lady:

nauticant Fri 12-Jan-18 21:14:44

Melvin Melvyn. That'll teach me for feeling smug over my Humphrys above.

alltherageattheBBC Fri 12-Jan-18 21:24:40

All depends on whiners the listening figures go up or down when he's on. I think he's had his day and should be put out to grass but the senior managers seem to love him/view him as a sacred cow.

He won't go down for his disgraceful comments leaked yesterday/today - or only if he flounces if anyone dares to reprimand him. He's rumored to be very touchy so <shrug> we can only hope that someone has the guts to tackle him.

beeny Fri 12-Jan-18 21:29:27

He has has been sounding awful for ages and needs to go.

sarahjconnor Fri 12-Jan-18 21:31:48

I made an official complaint about him this morning. It was great for my blood pressure grin

CertainHalfDesertedStreets Fri 12-Jan-18 21:47:40

He has literally no sense of humour - see his cringy appearance on 'I've Never Seen Star Wars'. He's a terrible interviewer and a total dinosaur.

How did he get to where he is? Wasn't there another, better, white man available?

pisacake Fri 12-Jan-18 21:48:50

Can't they replace him with a woman? They'd only need to pay her half as much.

Bluntness100 Fri 12-Jan-18 21:53:00

I agree, I think they need to fire him and they have no option. He came across as an elitist, mysgynistic , self absorbed, arrogant, dinosaur.

I certainly would not watch or listen to him again and would make a point of switching over.

He's literally just alienated at least 50 percent of the adult population.

KERALA1 Fri 12-Jan-18 22:18:19

These big headed smug old men all need to go. Clear the decks. Dimbleby too don't like his attitude to women on question time either.

QuentinSummers Fri 12-Jan-18 22:22:51

He used to be brilliant but recently he has become terrible. I was a Today devotee but I never listen any more. Have switched allegiances to R5 but this week they have also annoyed me (lots of earnest chat about how white working class boys are disadvantaged, no women involved in discussion, shut down a professor who said class was a bigger factor than ethnicity or gender; then did a feature on birth trauma with the last segment devoted to how men suffer too angry angry)

picklemepopcorn Fri 12-Jan-18 22:41:06

He used to be good, and was the sound of waking up for many years. There was a certain comfort to it, but not any more.

Itscurtainsforyou Fri 12-Jan-18 22:42:31

I agree. Sadly. I used to like him but he's been very questionable lately.

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