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Which female MPs are not 'out' as part of the "TW are women" brigade?

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SonicBoomBoom Thu 14-Dec-17 21:05:25

Can we have a quick list? Eg if someone has seen them comment on twitter or in TV interviews one way or the other. Or if they have remained resolutely silent on the issue.

I'm in Scotland so while I am still particularly interested in Labour and Cons at the moment, I'm also interested about Scottish MPs/MSPs, if anyone knows.

I nearly didn't post this thread because on one hand I don't want to draw attention to them. I think (if I was an MP) in the current climate, I would stay quiet too as a gender critical woman. It's just too dangerous to speak out. I respect that.

But on the other hand, I want to know who is for women, against women, or sitting quietly (which I will assume means for women, but scared). I want to know if I can still respect the ones I used to respect as feminists, eg Harriet Harman, Yvette Cooper etc. At the minute, I feel like I don't know who to trust.

Ps, I'm politically homeless at the moment. I see no party that is 'safe' for women and women's rights. So I'm not asking in a way to pit one party against the other or anything.

bluewoollyhat Thu 14-Dec-17 21:12:43

I’m interested in this too, currently trying to convert my own MSP but I still have no idea what she really thinks!

SonicBoomBoom Thu 14-Dec-17 21:21:17

The ones I have seen say they are anti-women's safety are (I think) Angela Raynor, Maria Miller, Stella Creasey (particularly gutted by that, always liked her). More will come to me, I'm sure.

Caroline Flint is obviously speaking out for us, bravely. Jess Phillips too.

I know Theresa May apparently said she was all for changing the GRC, but I've not heard her say that herself.

TheRollingCrone Thu 14-Dec-17 21:28:59

I'd love to know what Harriet Harman (as Grandmother of the House) thinks. TBH I'd be fucking gutted if she won't stand by and up for women.

CisCucumber Thu 14-Dec-17 21:31:04

Angela Raynor is one big disappointment
I hoped she would be more sensible

TheXXFactor Thu 14-Dec-17 21:40:15

Angela Rayner telling women that Lily is a role model for them was my personal "I'm never voting Labour again" moment. Such a fucking insult. I feel extremely strongly about Brexit (anti), but I couldn't bring myself to vote Labour now even if it they came out against Brexit. The absolute contempt for women that Angela Rayner and Stella Creasy et al have shown is the end for me. And, yes, I know it's the Tories trying to get the GRA through and that Maria Miller told feminists to pipe down, but at least the entire party aren't trying to silence every dissenting woman or electing 19 year old boys as women's officers.

UnderTheDesk Thu 14-Dec-17 21:43:01

Ann Sinnott seems to have recently reached peak trans. Although she's a Labour Councillor rather than an Mp.

UnderTheDesk Thu 14-Dec-17 21:43:46

What's the story with Yvette Cooper?

Lottapianos Thu 14-Dec-17 21:45:46

Didn't know that about Stella Creasy. Really disappointed in her. Angela Rayner should be ashamed of herself

TheRollingCrone Thu 14-Dec-17 21:47:49

I know Jess Philips is dying to let rip. She's always fought the corner for women, a great constituency MP - but I really think women MPS know the damage that can and will be done.
Jess if you're here give us sign bab

TheRollingCrone Thu 14-Dec-17 21:51:00

Under I don't think Yvette would do anything to jeopardise her political career.
Times like this I miss Betty Boothroyd

QuarksandLeptons Thu 14-Dec-17 21:52:13

What did Stella Creasy say? I saw that she tweeted about the Christian parents who took their kids out of school because of the trans child. However, I wasn’t sure whether she actually understood the story. I.e whether she thought it was just about not letting a boy wear a dress rather than saying that wearing the dress made him a girl

Brokenbiscuit Thu 14-Dec-17 21:53:53

I too would be interested to know the stance of female MPs on this issue.

I'm very conflicted about it myself tbh. I don't want trans people to suffer or to face discrimination, and I firmly believe that everyone should have the right to live as they choose, so long as it doesn't cause harm to anyone else. But there's the rub. Instinctively, I feel uneasy about the GRA because I can see how the safety and well-being of women could be affected by this.

I'm also anxious about the way the debate is being shut down on this subject. The female MPs who are voicing their concerns are brave to do so, and they have my utmost respect. I fear that I would not be brave enough to express my misgivings in my own workplace - it could be career suicide. We should be able to talk about these things.

TheXXFactor Thu 14-Dec-17 21:54:48

Stella Creasy has told constituents who have raised concerns about self-ID that she is fully on board with it and implied that they are bigots for questioning it.

Fortheloveofscience Thu 14-Dec-17 21:55:15

Layla Moran, Lib Dem MP for Oxford West and Abingdon has been silent so far I think - but I suspect she hasn’t peak-transed yet.

SonicBoomBoom Thu 14-Dec-17 22:06:23

Not relevant to this thread really, as not an MP, but another Labour woman bites the dust for refusing to say hot water is cold.

pisacake Thu 14-Dec-17 22:15:52

Female MPs who have drunk the kool-aid:

Nicky Morgan
Mims Davies
Maria Miller
Caroline Dinenage
Caroline Nokes

Catherine West
Carolyn Harris
Ruth Cadbury
Lyn Brown
Sarah Champion
Cat Smith
Rebecca Long Bailey

Caroline Lucas

Angela Crawley
Joanna Cherry
Deidre Brock
Hannah Bardell
Kirsten Oswald
Carol Monaghan
Hannah Bardell

WichBitchHarpyTerfThatsMe Thu 14-Dec-17 22:26:41

I was gutted to hear Angela Rayner's position on this. I honestly thought she was a different kind of working class, female Labour MP.

After years of feeling despair and hopelessness about the state of British politics I'd allowed myself to start feeling positive and represented over the last 12 months or so. Should've known better than to get optimistic.

On a positive note I have re-engaged with feminist politics so that's a good thing.

Nyx1 Thu 14-Dec-17 22:31:16

Id be interested to hear of any MP who has openly expressed concern about the GRA. Hope you don't mind me saying that op but it seems sensible to keep information on one thread?

MaidOfStars Thu 14-Dec-17 22:36:36

That Welsh MP (male) expressed concern about the GRA? Hang on...

Although I think he’s been threatened with suspension,

MaidOfStars Thu 14-Dec-17 22:39:15

Gareth Bennett. UKIP, Welsh Assembly (not an MP).

qumquat Thu 14-Dec-17 22:40:17

I think David Davies (not the Brexit one) and Caroline Flint have been the only two MPs to speak critically about the GRA. Jess Philips has talked about a need for 'less heat more light' in the debate but not pinned her colours to either mast as far as I know.

SonicBoomBoom Thu 14-Dec-17 22:45:29

Id be interested to hear of any MP who has openly expressed concern about the GRA. Hope you don't mind me saying that op but it seems sensible to keep information on one thread?

Of course.

I only didn't include male MPs because I haven't really noticed any of them talking about it at all. Which I put down to blissful ignorance on their part (which may be ignorance on mine). I suppose I expect less of male MPs when it comes to women's issues. Whereas women couldn't not be aware.

But you're absolutely right. I'd also like to know of any male MPs too. Might be a pleasant surprise.

pisacake Thu 14-Dec-17 22:46:19

The other Davies, Philip, MP from Shipley is also certainly anti-transgender. But he's anti pretty much everything else too, so.

QOFE Thu 14-Dec-17 22:49:23

David Davies (the Monmouth one) is a total twat so his support is worth shit if you ask me. He is anti trans rather than pro woman and I think the distinction is important.

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