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Sexist comedian

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endchauvinism Wed 13-Dec-17 21:14:19

This performance by wildly popular comedian Bill Burr is a good example of how funny guys get away with abuse and sexism. Yes, he's doing comedy, but his underlying points are clearly not jokes to him. I’ve also heard him on his podcast being just as misogynistic when he's serious.

Here’s a youtube link “Bill Burr -- There is no reason to hit a woman”
Notice the serious messages he slips in with the comedy:
1) Women bring up domestic violence against women too much.
2) Men make all the hard sacrifices because women are too selfish and lazy to help more (example is when his wife won’t take the dog out at night)
3) There are reasons to hit women. Don’t do it, but there are reasons to.
(WTF? If there are reasons to, then why not do it?)

He finishes off in the video, saying that the core reason men hit women is because of how women argue and verbally attack men.
The audience roars with laughter all the way through, although he notices tension in the room at one point. What’s it take to get people to stop brushing off the bad behavior of a**holes who make them laugh and charm them?

IrkThePurist Wed 13-Dec-17 21:43:05

I watched Bill Burr on Netflix, when he did a similar skit on domestic violence. His 'question' to the audience was'but what did she say to him?' (to provoke him into hitting her).
A woman in the audience shouted 'answered him'. Bill Burr didn't hear her response and laid into her.
It was the ultimate in irony; his behaviour copied that of her abusive ex partner, while he tried to prove his point that women provoke abuse.

He's also done a skit saying that women can get away with behaviour that men cant, because men are conditioned not to attack women.

AskBasil Wed 13-Dec-17 22:35:21

He's not actually very funny, is he.

endchauvinism Thu 14-Dec-17 02:28:57

I think what bothers me most is seeing women in the audience at his other shows laughing at his harsh jokes about women.

Psyfer Thu 14-Dec-17 02:40:33

There is three little dots on that youtube page for you to click on and report it.

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