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Books for nursery children - Trans ideology

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DontBuyANewMumCashmere Wed 06-Dec-17 22:29:44

Stephanie Davies-Arai tweeted this Sunday Times article - it's a share token one.

I've also found it in Daily Mail (which is almost identical) just in case anyone is interested. hmm

The gist is: books are going into nurseries for 3yo and above, encouraging them to question their gender...

Why is it only the Mail and Times reporting things like this? Where is the Guardian? They're obviously liberal but... some balance?
It's now beyond mad.

The only comfort is knowing these threads exist with other people who haven't been blinded by the gaudy new clothes.
Wtf is going on?

I recently talked at length with my DM who also agrees and I've reached out tentatively to some friends but I think they genuinely want all people to be happy and haven't considered the opposing view. When will it hit them? When will people start to see it?

My poor DH keeps hearing my peak-Trans moments (I constantly am astounded at newer, more shocking developments) and I think he agrees but if push came to shove he might not be able to really explain why it's so concerning and why I am constantly banging on about it to him...

What has to happen to get people to wake up to it?!

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