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Liliy Madigan

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dinosaursandtea Tue 05-Dec-17 12:59:11

She's taking a Twitter break for her mental health because of the level of abuse she's receiving. She's a teenage girl, FFS - and even if you think she's a teenage boy, in what world does a 19 year old deserve this amount of bullying?

I hope you're all fucking happy now.

Soubriquet Tue 05-Dec-17 12:59:59

Urm...he isn't a teenage girl?

And even if he was, the Internet isn't mandatory.

SeekEveryEveryKnownHidingPlace Tue 05-Dec-17 13:00:48

Oh no, a Twitter break, really? shock

I've not seen any bullying of Lily - Jack Monroe got in a lot of trouble for mentioning Lily's Jimmy Saville/rape jokes, and has retracted it all. And I've seen lots of 'you go girl' tweets.

ChardonnaysPrettySister Tue 05-Dec-17 13:01:17

A taste of Lily's own medicine there.

Gingernaut Tue 05-Dec-17 13:02:33


After his little brother unwillingly took the rap for his rape and Jimmy Saville jokes?

After the harassment campaign orchestrated by this boy and his crony Adrie Van Der Meer?


I'm not on Twitter. I'm not sorry he's actually feeling a backlash

Gileswithachainsaw Tue 05-Dec-17 13:04:04

I'm sure he will he back to his brainwashed minions and feeling "fabulous" in no time don't worry.

I've not seen abuse just questions he refuses to answer.

Now maybe he knows now how Anne felt hey

LangCleg Tue 05-Dec-17 13:04:11


But busy and active on Facebook, disclosing the fact that particular women are rape survivors even though asked not to. And busy implying that data held by the Labour Party could be used to doxx gender critical women once Women's Officer role is officially taken up and access gained.

So spare me.

I would wonder if the Labour activists who put Lily in this position by voting Lily into an inappropriate post will be taking any responsibility for the fall out.

Lancelottie Tue 05-Dec-17 13:04:16

What bullying has there been? And has any of it been from the people you have started this thread to berate?

A teenager who can't cope with social media probably shouldn't be standing for office, really. You'd ideally need to be tough, and impartial, and not too self-obsessed.

Collidascope Tue 05-Dec-17 13:06:11

Perhaps politics isn't the best place for him if he gets so upset about people not colluding with his fantasy. Politicians will always -and always should be, given their position of power- scrutinised.

catgirl1976 Tue 05-Dec-17 13:07:36

Lily was on Twitter earlier today calling women who disagree with her TERFs

She was called out on the fact that in her new role she would be representing all women including those who disagreed with her.

She responded by saying she didn't start representing "them" until tomorrow and would then get her hands on "all that pretty contact data" (e.g the personal data of women who disagreed with her.

She then followed that up by tweeting the song "I've got the power"

All of which was very threatening behaviour. The police and the Labour Party have been informed and I will be making a formal complaint. I hope others do to. Such threatening behaviour from a women's officer cannot be tolerated.

As for a break from social media, given the behaviour above I think that's a very good idea. In fact hopefully Twitter will remove the account altogether given the threats.

Either Lily is a capable adult who is suited to a position in politics and public life or a poor, vulnerable teenager who isn't. If it's the latter which Lily is now claiming then how can Lily possibly represent women in the Labour Party?

Collidascope Tue 05-Dec-17 13:07:52

*be scrutinized.

LangCleg Tue 05-Dec-17 13:09:46


Well said. I'm going to get my husband to make a formal code of conduct complaint to the Labour Party this time, rather than do it myself. Perhaps they'll take some notice if a penis-haver does it.

KalaLaka Tue 05-Dec-17 13:12:47

Is Theresa May also being 'bullied' when people question her actions and whether she's fit for her role?

catgirl1976 that's ridiculous behaviour. What's the complaints procedure?

QuentinSummers Tue 05-Dec-17 13:13:34

Omg forced to take a Twitter break hmm

Lily needs to get a grip and do the job she's been elected to do, rather than treating rape victims with leaking their personal information. I hope the data protection commission is keeping a close eye

MyAuntyBadger Tue 05-Dec-17 13:16:01

No sympathy at all. It is a farce.

irretating Tue 05-Dec-17 13:18:16

I hope there are screenshots of those tweets, it looks like Madigan took them down.

jellyfrizz Tue 05-Dec-17 13:18:59

If misgendering is causing her distress I am not sure if she is going to be able to handle the role of Women's Officer.

Most issues women face are to do with biology; periods, childbirth, breastfeeding etc, etc. I imagine it would all be very triggering for her.

SlowlyShrinking Tue 05-Dec-17 13:19:12

Worry no more, op. Delicate lily is back on Twitter today after a break of less than 24 hours.

christinarossetti Tue 05-Dec-17 13:21:42

Lily has never struck me as particularly stable tbh.

Social media isn't a good place for most peoples' mental health. Even less so if you're 19 years old and completely out of your depth.

A break sounds like a good idea for everyone.

BigDeskBob Tue 05-Dec-17 13:23:02

"She's a teenage girl, FFS"

At 19 and male, lily is not a girl.

Gileswithachainsaw Tue 05-Dec-17 13:23:16

Worry no more, op. Delicate lily is back on Twitter today after a break of less than 24 hours

Well all those X's hearts and flowers won't post themselves.

He's Incredibly needy isn't he?

terfing Tue 05-Dec-17 13:23:41

Should we have sympathy for the likes of Donald Trump too? He gets a lot of abuse on Twitter, which clearly upsets him!

cuirderussie Tue 05-Dec-17 13:24:10

I wish people would stop calling him she. He hasn't even got a GRC and all he's done is shit on women.

Collidascope Tue 05-Dec-17 13:27:01

He's Incredibly needy isn't he?

That's one of the things that makes Lily a girl, Giles. Boys are tough and don't need anything except adventures and football.

Fairyflaps Tue 05-Dec-17 13:29:26

LangCleg where is she disclosing that women are rape survivors? That's appalling. I hope it has been reported.

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