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No limits to number of trans children says woman responsible for expanding it 230-fold in 10 years

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pisacake Fri 01-Dec-17 19:40:14

"When transgender trailblazer Georgie Stone first visited Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital in 2007, she was the only patient that year to receive treatment for gender dysphoria."

"Since 2012, the hospital's gender service has experienced an exponential increase in demand.

More than 230 referrals have been received this year, "

"Associate Professor Michelle Telfer, head of gender services at the children's hospital, said no gender service in the world was yet to see a plateauing of referral numbers."
"As Director of the RCH Gender Service, Michelle has been instrumental in its development and expansion since 2012. She is a strong advocate for legal change and improved access to medical and mental health care for transgender and gender diverse children and adolescents in Australia."

"The continued growth in demand has recently been matched by new Australian guidelines for doctors treating transgender and gender diverse children and teens, developed by Professor Telfer and her team."

"Withholding treatment 'not a neutral option'"

"The guidelines, described as the world's most comprehensive, ... warn against unnecessary delays in treatment such as drugs to prevent breast development in trans boys and voice deepening in trans girls."

"Previously some guidelines have declared that no child should be given hormone treatment until they are aged 16. But Professor Telfer warned withholding treatment could prove extremely distressing for the child, and the right time to receive it was when the young person entered puberty, between the ages of 10 to 14 depending on the child."

"Georgie became the youngest person in Australia to receive hormone blockers when she was 10 years and nine months old – and said she would have taken them earlier if she did not have to apply to the Family Court (a legal requirement recently overturned)."

"Georgie, for example, had a sample of testicular tissue taken and stored. It's hoped the tissue could be used to create a baby in the future, although the technology is yet to be developed."

That's some cryonics-level bullshit.

"Georgie, who was just two when she first told her mum she "wanted a vagina""

"Georgie will leave the care of the children's hospital when she turns 18 in May next year, and is set to undergo gender affirmation (reassignment) surgery in July."

"The children's hospital says 96 per cent of the children it has diagnosed with gender dysphoria have continue to identify as transgender late into adolescence, and no patient who has started oestrogen or testosterone treatment has sought to transition back to their birth sex."

Lancelottie Fri 01-Dec-17 20:20:46

It may have been the right decision for some.

But 'late into adolescence' really isn't very far into life, is it? How do people feel as they grow into adulthood, with interests and loves and lives far beyond their childhood selves?

SlimDogMillionaire Fri 01-Dec-17 20:28:47

WHY is this happening?? What's in it for those pushing it forward. Honestly, why push a child into something before they've even worked out their arse from the elbow? What's the bloody rush?

I really would like the answer to this.

Potato25 Fri 01-Dec-17 23:56:39

How can a 2 year old have any concept of wanting a vagina?

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