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Horton Women's Centre

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pigsknickers Tue 28-Nov-17 20:54:28

I've been meaning to write a post for ages asking if any of you know the Horton Women's Centre and asking you to support it if you ever get chance.

It's a brilliant place offering affordable holidays to women and children, it's often used by vulnerable women who would never get a break otherwise but is also just a lovely place to go with a group of friends or alone. They've been getting stick recently for refusing to change their policy on only admitting biological women, and I fear for its future if/when the changes to the GRA go ahead. But in the meantime, if anyone's in the mood for some great feminist company in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales I recommend it highly.

pigsknickers Tue 28-Nov-17 20:55:29

Argh sorry link didn't go clicky, on phone and don't know how to do it

AssassinatedBeauty Tue 28-Nov-17 21:03:07

unlimiteddilutingjuice Tue 28-Nov-17 21:07:43

I second that recommendation!
I go every year with a group of friends and its excellent.
Theres a really well equipped playroom and a large garden full of outdoor play equiptment so its an absolute heaven for small children.
We just sit drinking wine and chatting while the kids do their thing. Its probably the most relaxed holiday its possible to have with kids in tow.
You should all get down there

pigsknickers Wed 29-Nov-17 13:47:28

unlimited that sounds brilliant smile I've never actually stayed there - I live quite nearby so have just been to a couple of day events. I'd like to get more involved though. They were advertising a monthly women's group a while ago but it doesn't seem to be happening at the moment - making a mental note to myself to get in touch!

LauraMipsum Thu 30-Nov-17 13:44:37

I've been, it's brilliant. Planning to go again next year.

vaginafetishist Thu 30-Nov-17 14:51:38

I grew up near there, beautiful area.

ArcheryAnnie Thu 30-Nov-17 15:07:05

I've never been but I have had friends who have been, and they've loved it.

Lippysoutherner Thu 30-Nov-17 18:22:31

It's a brilliant place. Cheap and cheerful [there's a sliding scale, so you can go even if you're skint] and friendly and informal. It's set up so if you come from far away, or by train, you can borrow boots and coats etc. We sometimes book it as a group which is really lovely. Much wine has been drunk by the fire or at the kitchen table! I think of it as my other home...

Lippysoutherner Wed 07-Mar-18 10:49:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BlackBetha Wed 07-Mar-18 12:10:52

I'm planning to go this year. Haven't been before, but I know and love the area - it's great for walking, and the Settle to Carlisle railway means you can get there (and get about) without a car.

I'm hoping there will be some quiet mid-week school-term days when there aren't so many kids around or big groups (I do think it's great that mums and children are made so welcome, I'm just craving some tranquillity right now!)

LifelongVaginaOwner Wed 07-Mar-18 12:37:30

I hadn't heard of this but their statement regarding their gender identity policy is excellent. Really excellent.

I love this

One of our fundamental aims is to provide a service that allows women to share and address the impact of growing up as girls and of being female, and that provides a sense of respite/refuge from their experiences of male power and misogyny.

DNAnotGRA Wed 07-Mar-18 12:51:29

We do not tolerate BS in our neck of the woods, we know that women are women and men and men grin

SuperLoudPoppingAction Wed 07-Mar-18 13:00:33

It's a great place to stay and so important for women (especially those with children) who couldn't afford a holiday otherwise.
With a great library!

PositivelyPERF Wed 07-Mar-18 13:05:03

Would I be able to go with my adult daughter, who has SNs? Or is it only open to women with young children?

PositivelyPERF Wed 07-Mar-18 13:26:58

Oh sorry. Just read this with or without children. It sounds wonderful.

ATailofTwoKitties Wed 07-Mar-18 13:29:55

Can I suggest you don't advertise it too widely? It'll be targeted. Sorry.

SuperLoudPoppingAction Wed 07-Mar-18 17:50:04

It does already get targeted fairly regularly.

It truly is wonderful though PP and if your dd would prefer a quieter stay the worker can tell you when it's not too busy, and you can reserve a quieter room.

I like the dorm-style one with the bunk beds though.

LastGirlOnTheLeft Wed 07-Mar-18 18:25:05

It sounds idyllic and centering women and girls which is so refreshing.

GraceMarks Wed 07-Mar-18 19:08:38

It also has weekends which are specifically for older lesbians - so important that spaces like this are allowed to exist. Out of interest, where have you seen them getting stick for their policies, OP? I follow their newsletter and I wasn't aware they'd been targeted in this way.

Wanderingwomb Wed 07-Mar-18 19:25:20

What a brilliant statement. I really can't understand how anybody with a shred of empathy could oppose that.

hipsterfun Wed 07-Mar-18 22:30:00

The holiday centre was set up in 1980 as a charitable co-operative, by women involved in feminism and the women’s liberation movement.

Wow, does it retain that sort of feel? Every last bastarding thing is so corporate these days so this is very refreshing.

MarSeeAh Thu 08-Mar-18 01:42:29

That looks awesome, and I could get there on the train within 4 hours!

SuperLoudPoppingAction Thu 08-Mar-18 06:52:17

It v much does retain that feel.
It's still run as a Co op.

The only thing that's changed is the rooms you can now stay in alone, as I think it all used to be dorm style.
It's a mixture now.

And it now has ramp access and an accessible shower.
And fire doors.

Things it's had to change for legal reasons.

I haven't been since last New Year and I'm missing it thanks to this thread.

Really easy to walk along from the train station.

And it has free WiFi.
And if you have older children or you have the brain of one, the church opposite is a Pokestop and you can reach it from the house sometimes.

woman11017 Thu 08-Mar-18 07:00:00

I've seen it online. It looks absolutely gorgeous, will be happy to support it, and hopeful to take a holiday there at some point. Thanks for posting OP.

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