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Teacher facing disciplinary for misgendering a child on this morning.

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Justanothernap Mon 13-Nov-17 11:53:29

Interesting that this is being discussed in public domain more & more. Infuriating given the calibre of the discussion (I know it's this morning & not newsnight but still.)

Teacher is a Christian with a Christian lawyer supporting him. They made some good points about transitioning not alleviating poor mental health etc. But when their viewpoint was compared to being unsupportive of gay children it was apparent they're not keen on that either.

Schofield actually said you believe it's impossible to be born in the wrong body in an incredulous fashion. Also talked about transgender children killing themselves and referenced a 3yo boy wanting wear a dress as supporting evidence they are a girl.

I think they (this morning) want to be kind and inclusive but so so irresponsible to not research their position at all. They have well & truly drank the Kool aid. And why are there never any articulate well informed bodies giving an opposing view.

Anyway I don't post a lot as I'm definitely not the most articulate on these issues. I mainly lurk & worry. But i just found this so infuriating.

Letsgetreadytorumbleagain Mon 13-Nov-17 12:50:06

It made me angry too, I don't normally post, but I found it infuriating angry

Philip Schofield came out with a story of a parent saying 'my son came to me at 2 or 3 and asked to wear a dress, I told my husband you need to support your daughter or bury you son' - erm no you just let your son wear a dress, what the hell does it matter.

People can do and wear whatever they want, and society needs to understand that it can tell them nothing about that persons biological sex!

Sorry, I'm not very articulate, I hope that makes sense

norahnamechange Mon 13-Nov-17 13:34:13

I watched it and reckoned that the teacher did a 'car crash' interview on This Morning. Awful in so many ways.
The presenters really need to have a read of Transgender Trend and to realise just how lacking in knowledge and thought their comments are.

BUT, it seems as if this teacher had not made a single error but there were a number of incidents and he had been 'taking a position' re a transgender child from a religious background. Well, just as I decry the transactivists imposing their views on children and adolescents with no regard for their safety and wellbeing, schools are also not the place for teachers to 'let slip' their personal views. He may believe strongly (as so many of us do for different reasons) that what is happening is wrong. But at the centre of this is a vulnerable child who needs protecting, not just from biased pressure groups but also from those who disapprove and feel free to express it in a school.
He has no business making any comments and the fact that he was aware of the issues and had his own views should have made him even more careful.

pisacake Mon 13-Nov-17 13:51:40

In related news the editor and a journalist at the Kentish Gazette have been sacked for 'misgendering'.

The column:
"The dismal world of identity politics has been all about trans rights this year – essentially the right of people, despite their biology, to identify as another gender.

This is turns out, means that political parties driven made by their obsessions for sex quotas need no longer have all-women shortlists since all a man need do to get on one is identify as a woman.

And why not? After all, in America a female boxer was battered by a male boxer who identifies as a woman. So no problems there, then.

Over here, meanwhile, we have been able to go one madder. A 50-year-old rapist, Martin Pointing, decided he was a her called Jessica Winfield and asked to be moved to a women’s prison.

The authorities complied, natch, so afraid are they of upsetting the noisy trans lobby. They moved him to HMP Bronzefield, the female prison in Surrey, where he promptly began making sexual advances towards women. Again, nil problemo, clearly.

One argument advanced by such people is that they have women’s brains, but are in men’s bodies.

In Canterbury there’s a very obvious transperson. Well, I say transperson, but it’s just a bloke with a feminine haircut who wears women’s clothing.

With that in mind I conducted a little experiment. I showed a picture of this person – I happen to know his name – to five women aged between 23 and 71 and asked them what they thought.

Each correctly said they were looking at a man. Four out of five said something even more telling: that he has no idea of how to dress as a woman. In other words, to their minds, he does not possess what could be recognisably called a feminine brain.

It’s here, therefore, that it seems impossible to disagree with Germaine Greer when she says that dressing up as a woman and calling yourself one does not actually make you one."

Lancelottie Mon 13-Nov-17 13:56:21

Gosh, how very careless of the paper to reprint the article in full while explaining how wrong they were to print it the first time...

pisacake Mon 13-Nov-17 14:00:31

It was reprinted in the Press Gazette which is a trade publication. The Kentish Gazette didn't reprint it.

SisterMoonshine Mon 13-Nov-17 23:31:26

I just saw the Rhis Mirning clip on the Scottish Schools thread.
Gutted it was all about the Christianity- too easy for Schofield to stick his fingers in his ears and not listen.

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