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Bloody sexist FIL

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Smarshian Fri 03-Nov-17 11:29:30

Just a rant really. He bloody annoys me all the time and genuinely doesn't realise how sexist he is. Last night he and MIL babysat. Me and DH went to the cinema. When we returned he had read a review I the film and said it was written by a woman and 'even though it was an action film she quite enjoyed it' hmm. Also I'm away tomorrow for a night and he asked who was looking after our DD. Erm your son... you know her dad. Will he be ok? He says, MIL will have her if he wants.
FFS I'm so glad my DH didn't turn out like him. Although I probably wouldn't have married him if he did.
Anyone else with annoying FIL?

Splandy Fri 03-Nov-17 17:13:25

How do you respond to it? I rarely see my father in law so don't have this. I get it in plenty of other places though.

On Monday, a window fitter came to give us a quote. I was taking him around and discussing our issues while my husband washed up. As we stood in the kitchen discussing it, he told my husband that he is supposed to pretend he doesn't know how to wash up. Husband didn't understand what he meant at first, so he had to explain it. I didn't address the comment at all, I just told him that we're going to get a dishwasher and it will be the happiest day of our lives. He then told us that he likes washing up by hand and usually does it at home because it helps to clean his hands after a day at work. So he doesn't even believe it anyway. It's just an accepted joke.

On Tuesday my friend came over and twice told me that my toddler is a handful because he's a boy and likes certain toys because he's a boy. She mentions this most times I see her.

On Wednesday, my driving instructor was teaching me bay parking. He told me that he knows us ladies like to go shopping, so it'll help when I go to the shopping centre. I said "do we? I certainly don't" and he seemed surprised and said "oh, you must be like me then". He then asked how I do food shopping and I told him that I don't - my husband does it. He doesn't realise he's being offensive either, he is a sweet man who thinks this is really the way the world works and that it will genuinely help me with my natural lady hobbies.

As you can see, I don't do much confronting. I don't want to have to educate people. I know it is much more frustrating coming from a family member. My parents have come out with some classic stuff over the years. They're also pretty fundamentalist Christians, so our opinions are generally totally opposed. Dad likes to talk about how silly it is that so many women spend so much time applying makeup and wondering why they do it. I snapped at him a little while ago and pointed out that women are repeatedly told that their worth is in their physical appearance, specifically their attractiveness to men. It blew his mind confused

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