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Proposed changes to gender ID laws. What happens next?

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Pissedoffhadenough Wed 01-Nov-17 08:11:21

Does anyone have a timeline?

Would I be right that there's been a consultation already? What happens next? Do we have time to oppose things and persuade MPs?

BMacklin Wed 01-Nov-17 08:29:24

I wondered this. If anyone knows id be interested.

P.s. I'm wondering if anyone in government can be made to see how the sex scandals currently hitting the news are relevant to the debate, in that women need a safe space from men.

Mumsnut Wed 01-Nov-17 10:47:07

I think we should push for the 'title and estates' exemption to be removed.

If you identify as trans, it appears that the world will be pretty much your oyster once the GRA is passed.

Unless, of course, you happen to be the eldest child of a peer, and female. Not all the identifying as male in the world will allow you to inherit that title and estate over the head of your younger brother: there is a specific legislative loophole to defend the status quo.

Logically, if penises are female and transwomen are real women and transmen are real men etc etc etc, there is no justification for this. And we should say so, vociferously. If it's ok for the goose, it has to be ok for the gander, right?

Men don't have anything to lose in this fight - except for this small but very influential subset.

I really don't think they would let go of their inherited privileges without a fight, and the only place for them to fight is alongside gender critical women.

The comparison will also force people to face the logic (or lack of it) behind TRA positions. At present, too few people are thinking critically; thy are just indulging warm and fuzzy feelings.

Pissedoffhadenough Wed 01-Nov-17 11:19:19

Right, but is there something time to campaign against the situation? If a consultation has already taken place, what are the next steps with the law? Who looks at it next? What is the procedure and timeline? Do we still have time to actually do anything about the situation? How do these things work?

MacaroonMama Wed 01-Nov-17 12:28:44

My MP wrote back and seemed to think that a further consultation would be taking place. Sorry don't have letter to hand as am out, but will look again when home.

MacaroonMama Wed 01-Nov-17 12:29:54

Agree pissedoff we need someone who knows about law-making/government etc to tell us how these things work! Am meeting MP in next couple of weeks so will ask him too.

WhereAreWeNow Wed 01-Nov-17 12:31:38

No, the consultation hasn't happened yet. It was announced earlier this year that it would take place this autumn but it's yet to be launched.

MacaroonMama Wed 01-Nov-17 12:36:03

Ok, he says "The Equalities Minister, Justine Greening, has been very clear that any measures brought forward will be subject to a public consultation this autumn, which has not yet been published."

That is a quote from the letter sent by my MP Bob Neil, Conservative. (Sorry can't share photo at this time).

So how is this public consultation taking place? Can anyone tweet Justine Greening?

MacaroonMama Wed 01-Nov-17 12:36:35

Oops cross-posted with wherearewenow x

jellyfrizz Wed 01-Nov-17 17:28:14

This: "@AnneMilton would like us to let people know that anyone can response to the #gra consultation. @WomenEqualities will send details of how"

Was tweeted by Women&EqualitiesCtte‏ on 11th October.

No details tweeted of how as yet.

jellyfrizz Wed 01-Nov-17 17:29:33

".@jessphillips asks when #genderrecognitionact consultation will be launched. @NickGibbUK says soon. #equalityministers #GRA"

This was tweeted same day.

DJBaggySmalls Wed 01-Nov-17 17:52:36

Maria Miller disregarded evidence presented by Womens Aid and Rape Crisis. I cant think of anyone more qualified to talk about how this will affect women; outside of the NHS.
We really need some NHS staff to step forwards; especially staff on psychiatric wards.

volume37number5 Wed 01-Nov-17 23:04:51

I work in the NHS (psychiatry). Apologies, I don't want to go into great detail & don't post often, but do follow these threads closely. I've been battling for months regarding deeply disturbing policies & procedures regarding trans-women's admission to female psychiatric wards. These policies quite explicitly support the rights of trans-women over vulnerable women with severe mental illness.

It's a very difficult line to tread; challenging naive & harmful policies (most people working in the NHS are liberal, well-meaning & easily appalled at any sniff of a perceived lack of support for LGBT rights). There's a great deal of resistance to consider a different perspective. I'm trying to chip away at this in as diplomatic a fashion as I can muster in order to keep my job. It's difficult.

I've recently written to Maria Miller with my concerns, providing an evidence-base for my arguments, & asking for her to do her own research / draw her conclusions ( i.e. due diligence that bizarrely seems to be absent). I've encouraged her to contact me to discuss issues relating to the NHS further. We'll see . . .

IrenetheQuaint Wed 01-Nov-17 23:10:38

You might want to contact Nick Gibb too, volume - I think he's the minister responsible for the bill.

volume37number5 Wed 01-Nov-17 23:13:47

Thanks Irene. Will do.

jellyfrizz Thu 02-Nov-17 00:04:29

Thanks volume. It's good to hear that people are pointing out issues. I know it's not always a comfortable path to take.

Bucketsandspoons Fri 03-Nov-17 12:12:16

I've written twice to my MP over the past two months who has not responded, so it's interesting to hear others have been told about a coming consultation. I hope public genuinely means public, as this whole agenda is based on making it as quiet and quick and unnoticed as possible.

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