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Scottee on This Week - men experience misogyny too apparently

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silkpyjamasallday Fri 27-Oct-17 17:15:22

I have just watched the This Week program from last night on the insistence of DP, who couldn't quite believe that the last ten minute discussion on misogyny wasn't satire. It's worth a watch for the tragic/comic value of the guest, an 'artist' Scottee who doesn't see the irony of him as a man being the guest speaker on misogyny telling the audience with wide eyed amazement that 'women have been telling us for years!' hmm . Liz Kendal, the only female present, got cut off after waiting to speak after Scottee and Michael Portillo, who denied toxic masculinity's existence.

Why did the producers think that this stereotypically camp gay man was the perfect candidate to talk authoritatively on the misogyny women experience? He seemed to think that his experiences of homophobic slurs were actually misogyny. How he thinks anyone mistakes a self described 'fat man with a beard' as a woman I don't know. And of course he managed to shoehorn in the misogyny trans women face skimming over the millennia of oppression experienced by natal women because of our biology. Thankfully his hilarious eye rolling and flouncing provided some light relief and stopped me banging my head against the wall.

It feels like we are going backwards, I genuinely worry what sort of world my daughter is growing up in.

Missymoo100 Fri 27-Oct-17 17:56:17

I saw this too! I totally agree he was both cringeworthy and funny! At the end too, when someone asked him what should change and he had nothing to say except for "it's not for the oppressed group, (trans ppl, women) to come up with an answer... well I thought he could have said something more constructive.

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