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Australian father loses court battle to prevent his 15-year-old daughter being given testosterone to trans

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pisacake Thu 26-Oct-17 18:49:14

Young people in Australia can already take puberty blockers without parental approval, but 'irreversible hormone treatment' requires parental approval.

The father said

"Ryan was too young to decide to make “such permanent life-changing decision” and had not been given psychological help.

"Ryan was managed by two doctors: Dr P, who diagnosed gender dysphoria, and Dr T, who assessed whether the teenager was capable of understanding the irreversible effects of hormone treatment. The father­ noted the two doctors were members of associations which “encourage gender diversity­ and acceptance”."

Justice Austin noted that decisions on hormone treatment had to be made with “sound evidence” which “falls beyond the limits of parental responsibility for a child”.

NikiBabe Thu 26-Oct-17 18:51:17

Brad Pitts eldest natural dd is having this treatment. To stop puberty.

NikiBabe Thu 26-Oct-17 18:51:56

She is 11

pisacake Thu 26-Oct-17 18:53:13

Daily Mail version of the story if the above is paywalled

pisacake Thu 26-Oct-17 18:54:37

"Brad Pitts eldest natural dd is having this treatment. To stop puberty."

Different treatment, the story here is the girl could have puberty blocking without parental consent, however she wanted to go further and take male sex hormones.

pisacake Thu 26-Oct-17 18:57:07

The 'puberty blocking' is in theory reversible, testosterone is at least partly non-reversible (deeper voice, male pattern baldness, permanent sterility is possible)

Missymoo100 Thu 26-Oct-17 23:03:43

Absolutely terrible, I feel deeply saddened that this is allowed to happen. The parents should be allowed to stop this upto age 18. Not only is mental health not even considered, when it's known that people with gender dyaphoria are more likely to suffer from other mental health conditions, but it's the way this agenda is being promoted to young impressionable children. Children are very easily lead and influenced. It's almost like there is an effort being made to promote this lifestyle and then carry out procedures on children without due consideration to the causation of the dysphoria in the first place.
I don't think there is anything healthy about anyone's obsession with changing a healthy body, surely the first thing these doctors should be doing is trying to help people feel comfortable with being in their own skin, comfortable with who they are..

Saz432 Mon 30-Oct-17 18:26:49

I'm iiterally amazed that any oarent would ever consent to giving their child a gnrh agonist like Lupron. I was on a very similar medication for two years for endometriosis and it completely fucked my life up. I'm still having issues because of it 10 years down the line. I believe it has also caused a rare condition called central hypothyroidism but currently trying to prove it when there's no research in this area whatsoever. These are really fucking serious drugs with horrific side effects and dangerous results. Absolutely horrified. Perhaps they can explain to their adult child why they have no sex drive, constant fatigue, depression, osteoporosis and all the other potential results - but hey, you don't have breasts (which you could have had surgically removed as an adult anyway)! Hideous. And if you argue against it you're a bigot apparently. Why would anyone put this drug into a healthy developing body?

AssassinatedBeauty Mon 30-Oct-17 18:44:59

@NikiBabe that is a rumour unless you have specific information that's not in the public domain? I think it's really poor to repeat such rumours about an 11 yr old child.

pisacake Mon 30-Oct-17 19:27:37

Apparently it's not true.

AssassinatedBeauty Mon 30-Oct-17 19:36:32

There's an obsession with the poor child just because she chooses to dress in a style which transgresses sex based stereotypes. And the quote from Angelina Jolie in 2010, when the child was, what, 4 years old roughly? No idea why that's been taken as a hard fact about her child's identity!

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