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Police release pics of three suspects in Speakers' Corner assault

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AssignedPerfectAtBirth Thu 26-Oct-17 10:03:28

About time. Although I think they have been pretty much ID'd already on twitter

Lancelottie Thu 26-Oct-17 10:06:42

What's with the 'member of TERF' bit?

Poppyred85 Thu 26-Oct-17 10:07:12

Good that it's getting publicised but they seem to think "TERF" is an organisation hmm

SpookghosttiAndMeatboos Thu 26-Oct-17 10:07:21

That's a rubbish article that hasn't bothered to do any research at all - 'A member of TERF' WTF are they talking about.

AssignedPerfectAtBirth Thu 26-Oct-17 10:11:30

cheminotte Thu 26-Oct-17 10:26:34

Does she really describe herself as a TERF? I thought that was an insult made up by MRAs?

Ereshkigal Thu 26-Oct-17 10:31:26

They're just idiotic lazy journalists who don't know what they're talking about. The Sun article, as well as "members of TERF" capitalises the "Trans Activists" which makes them both look like gang names!

Natsku Thu 26-Oct-17 10:39:16

I'm a card-carrying member of TERF, aren't you lot? grin

Terrylene Thu 26-Oct-17 10:39:21


Anlaf Thu 26-Oct-17 11:03:10

MEt police release

Note that only one is identified as "male", the other two not specified.

TinselAngel Thu 26-Oct-17 11:06:00

I wonder why the police won’t say the biological sex of the other two suspects? Isn’t that going to make it more difficult for people to identify them ? hmm

ShotsFired Thu 26-Oct-17 11:11:46

Guardian describes them as "Officers are trying to trace a man and two others, who are believed to be transgender" which is better than just "women" (also "transgender women" in the URL too).

CecilyNeville Thu 26-Oct-17 11:42:02

Disappointing (but not surprising) that the Guardian describes this as a "brawl between" two parties, suggesting equal culpability. The other papers take a more "a woman attacked" tone.

misscockerspaniel Thu 26-Oct-17 11:52:54

The Met police description, lacking in fundamental info on two of the suspects, provides us with good ammunition.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Thu 26-Oct-17 14:51:59

Although I think they have been pretty much ID'd already on twitter

I hope the people who do know are speaking to the police, rather than assuming someone else will have. Fairly sure the Met won't be trawling Twitter...

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