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Some sort of campaign being organised against MN

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ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sun 01-Oct-17 12:26:05

There are rumblings on Twitter about MN transphobia. Mermaids mention something about a press release.

If anything comes of this I hope MNHQ will ignore.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sun 01-Oct-17 12:26:45

Twitter thread here:

Gileswithachainsaw Sun 01-Oct-17 12:29:37


You are all the.most educated, articulate, well informed people I've ever dealt with.

How dare they...

Butterymuffin Sun 01-Oct-17 12:35:12

So people here don't have opinions and ideas of their own, then? They're just 'indoctrinated' by transphobes? Ridiculous when you look at how averse trans activists are to any sort of debate. I hope MN will maintain its approach to letting debate continue. We are seeing signs of debate opening up in the mainstream media, so I can see why those who wish to stifle it are getting twitchy. They don't like being challenged.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sun 01-Oct-17 12:36:36

I find it interesting that they are upset that people are discussing (just discussing) trans issues with a gender critical slant, when TRAs are organising to "fuck TERFS up"...

AssignedPerfectAtBirth Sun 01-Oct-17 12:38:32

I imagine @MNHQ has been swatting away demands that trans threads be shut down for some time.

Thanks again for allowing discussion of this extremely important topic to take place. Thanks for not silencing women. People are starting to listen

Ereshkigal Sun 01-Oct-17 12:58:43

Just yet another man who thinks he can tell women what to think.

cinnamonwoman Sun 01-Oct-17 13:05:35

I saw those tweets last night.

I didn't form my opinions on Mumsnet or on twitter, but would you believe it, in the real world! shock talking to other real women! (and men too)

I also read articles from a wide variety of different feminist just proves to me that radical feminists are the most consistently clear and logical and, particularly, there's no violence in their opinions (as I don't believe different opinions are 'literal' violencehmm)

Mumsnet is filled with some of the most intelligent, fair debate on the matter and I'd hope MNHQ won't be bullied into silence.

YetAnotherSpartacus Sun 01-Oct-17 14:11:02

Looks like we are about to be invaded by the inhibitors of free speech...

DamnDeDoubtanceIsSpartacus Sun 01-Oct-17 14:21:31

That is such a pile of misogynistic twaddle.

jellyfrizz Sun 01-Oct-17 14:28:50

I think it would be useful if @DadTrans would join the discussion on here to put forward his arguments.

Women understand how frustrating it is to be treated differently to how you feel you should be purely because of your reproductive system.

We probably have quite a lot in common.

DamnDeDoubtanceIsSpartacus Sun 01-Oct-17 14:34:25

I would love an activist who does debate, without flouncing.

MadreTranquillitatis Sun 01-Oct-17 15:27:34

I'm on there grin

meditrina Sun 01-Oct-17 15:32:58

‘Mumsnet is filled with some of the most intelligent, fair debate on the matter and I'd hope MNHQ won't be bullied into silence.’

I very strongly disagree. There have been so many vituperative threads on MN which just shout down any but the clique-approved line that it is a wholly unrepresentative site.

Ereshkigal Sun 01-Oct-17 15:51:50

Have you seen how censored the "debate" is anywhere else, meditrina?

meditrina Sun 01-Oct-17 15:55:04


And your point is?

SisterMoonshine Sun 01-Oct-17 15:57:46

smile Bring it on.
We can look forward to people reading our threads and learning something,
A discussion at last.

jellyfrizz Sun 01-Oct-17 16:06:08

I don't know meditrina, one person's shouting down is another person's carefully dissecting an argument.

If an argument is good it should be able to stand up in the face of any shouting down.

Elendon Sun 01-Oct-17 16:06:39

I would have thought that by 16 (you cannot respond to the 'Growing up Trans' before this age) you would have known what sexuality you were or were in a bit of a quandary regarding your sexuality?

The whole idea is nonsense. I could go onto it.

Elendon Sun 01-Oct-17 16:07:33

Also trans has nothing whatsoever to do with sexuality.

Ereshkigal Sun 01-Oct-17 16:09:59

If an argument is good it should be able to stand up in the face of any shouting down.

Exactly. The trouble is, meditrina, that the argument isn't very good. The only way they can make it stand up is by censoring people and misrepresenting and lying.

meditrina Sun 01-Oct-17 16:11:33

I disagree. In an echo chamber, it's never about the quality of debate.

When a range of views are possible, and tolerance is absent, a place that thinks it's about 'winning' isn't likely to be remotely balanced.

Ereshkigal Sun 01-Oct-17 16:12:25

He says he's the father of a trans child. A fan of Mermaids, it would seem.

Ereshkigal Sun 01-Oct-17 16:15:11

This is not an echo chamber. Perhaps people should have the courage of their convictions if they feel so strongly? No one is censoring them. But they will be robustly challenged by some very informed people on the ramifications of their beliefs. And they don't like it, and they're not used to it.

Ekphrasis Sun 01-Oct-17 16:18:00

I've found the debate to be pretty balanced in the feminist section.

Also, not one person here is transphobic. As far as as can tell since I've been following this part of the site, and educating myself, it's the issue of women's safe spaces, ignoring women's rights and the issue with gender stereotyping amongst children's toys and clothes working against their freedom to enjoy what ever they enjoy without being told they are therefore trans. As well as it continuing to work against women in society.

I cannot see how discussions about these things are phobic in any way. I think the post twitter referred to was some sort of survey - did it then tell you the % you were 'male or female' some how? (Or was that another one?)

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