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Looks like 'transracial' might be a 'thing' after all

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PencilsInSpace Mon 25-Sep-17 09:57:52

Rhode Island School of Design are offering a course called Transracial Bodies, Transracial Selves:

Thanks to the work and lives of transgender people, we now have room to understand our bodies in radically unbounded ways. Technological advances in surgery, hormonal therapy, psychiatry, cultural warfare, are catching up to the transgender presence: the gendered body is not necessarily that with which we were born, but one that can be crafted to match the real body of our psyche, our dreams. However, one's racial self remains tethered to biology. Blackness, Whiteness, Asianness, Latinness, the whole rainbow of racial identification, is still construed as biologically inescapable and inevitable. To speak of "transracialism" is to evoke self-delusion and community betrayal. But this cultural reaction is contrary to the everyday experience that actually finds racial identification as a process that is always transracial: declaring ourselves racially, we all cross restricted zones in becoming ourselves. In this course, we will use the discourse of transgenderism to build an alternate vocabulary of race.

This could get messy.

MaisieDotes Mon 25-Sep-17 10:02:22

Is that a satirical comment on transgender-ism? If so, amazing.

If it's real shock grin HAHAHAHA good luck with that.

ALittleBitOfButter Mon 25-Sep-17 10:02:56

Wonder what Frantz Fanon would think hmm

SerfTerf Mon 25-Sep-17 10:03:47

* In this course, we will use the discourse of transgenderism to build an alternate vocabulary of race.*

And why not?

Roomba Mon 25-Sep-17 10:08:29

There was a woman who was absolutely pilloried in the press last week as she claimed she was Transracial - she'd had loads of tanning jabs and plastic surgery. There was outrage.

I've often thought it was a shame that women as a whole don't work together to defend their 'identity' as we see with movements such as 'Black Lives Matter' etc. It's very interesting to me that you get white girls with cornrows being shamed online for 'appropriating our cultural identity', yet no one does this to trans people for example. How do people mentally compute the disparity in approaches here?

PencilsInSpace Mon 25-Sep-17 10:20:02

How do people mentally compute the disparity in approaches here?

I've been wondering that since Dolezal came to our attention. I was hoping it would make people think more critically about the whole trans agenda but it seems it might be going the other way. People's brains might be about to fall out about race as well as sex.

MsPassepartout Mon 25-Sep-17 10:25:48

Well, it's utterly illogical to believe in transgenderism but not in transracialism.

The biological differences between a biological man and a biological woman are far greater than the biological differences between a pair of men or women from two different races.

So if ones actual physical biology is deemed irrelevant when it comes to gender, how can it not be irrelevant when it comes to race?

GemmaCollinsBabes Mon 25-Sep-17 10:28:30

I find the idea of transgender people appropriating our experiences as women very, very interesting.

ArcheryAnnie Mon 25-Sep-17 10:43:58

I think this is a logical extension of the tendency I've noticed in some of the more out there-trans activists in suddenly "discovering" - after living their entire lives as white men, with white parents, white grandparents, etc - a non-white ancestor and then spending a lot of time and space celebrating their "biracial" identity as well as the fact that their totes a woman, etc. This is essentially applying online teflon to themselves, as it means they get to accuse everyone else (including actual BAME people) of racism as well as sexism and transphobia.

AssignedPerfectAtBirth Mon 25-Sep-17 10:49:50

Can't imagine that BLM will be too impressed

MissUnderwood Mon 25-Sep-17 10:50:38

If transgenderism is real, so is transracialism.

From reading the right wing news, apparently us 'terfs' are 'loony lefties' ... lizards who are biting our own tail.

And from what I've heard, trans activists have branded us as Nazis.

Looks like no one cares about girls' women's rights sad Worrying times.

Ohthegrandolddukeofyorkjellies Mon 25-Sep-17 21:32:00

I was listening to a great podcast on this topic, talking about the course that the OP mentioned, and it said that transdisablism is an emerging thing. The lunacy!

MagdalenLaundry Mon 25-Sep-17 21:34:49

Don't forget the trans abled
Although I can't understand why they are trans abled rather than trans disabled
No matter. They still need services. Blue badge, mobility car etc and of course they should go straight to the front of the queue

MagdalenLaundry Mon 25-Sep-17 21:35:36

And the trans species
Don't leave out those in the dog suits you bigots

SerfTerf Mon 25-Sep-17 21:39:36

* was listening to a great podcast on this topic, talking about the course that the OP mentioned, and it said that transdisablism is an emerging thing. The lunacy!*

Do you have a link to that?

Ohthegrandolddukeofyorkjellies Mon 25-Sep-17 21:55:18

It was here: itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/womens-liberation-radio-news/id1108738581?mt=2&i=1000392542811

NatMatCat Mon 25-Sep-17 21:56:44

Transdisablism is not new but I think the name is. I remember a documentary about it from more than 20 years ago. Not really surprising that they are now politicising. Like transgender people they want it to be a natural human state rather than a pathology and seem to genuinely feel that the need an amputation to be their true self.

Ohthegrandolddukeofyorkjellies Mon 25-Sep-17 22:00:32

Wonder how it's linked to Munchausens or body dysmorphia. I remember (again, around 20 years or so) the debate around people who wanted limbs removed etc, or tried to self-amputate on a railway track etc. Is that the same phenomenon, do you think? Awful!

SerfTerf Mon 25-Sep-17 22:15:12

Thanks jellies smile

BananaShit Mon 25-Sep-17 22:23:39

Snort. I follow a number of otherwise excellent black feminists who are all very pro trans, and I've thought for a while that they'll probably regret it when transracial becomes a thing.

Beingrippedoff Mon 25-Sep-17 22:32:11

And trans -age presumably too. So if a 50 year old man says he's a 6 year old girl that must be true as well

GemmaCollinsBabes Mon 25-Sep-17 22:51:28

Surely there will be trans sexuality (rather than sex) too then?
As all of these trans things seem to be based on stereotypes (women like pink, men like blue, black people have big hair) can I now claim myself as a lesbian by using the ridiculous stereotypes of dungarees, short hair and owning a Tatu CD - rather than wanting to sleep with women.

Datun Mon 25-Sep-17 23:17:16

It's interesting how the only appropriation is of oppressed people. No-one can appropriate upwards.

I too think the black community may have something to say about this.

On the other hand, no one seems to care if they get stuffed any more than if women do.

It's a horrible, sinister practice. Appropriating women, black people, disabled people.

It's oppression on acid.

KatherinaMinola Mon 25-Sep-17 23:19:36

In this course, we will use the discourse of transgenderism to build an alternate vocabulary of race.

And why not?


AdultHumanFemale Mon 25-Sep-17 23:54:55

Mwah ah aaahh..

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