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Child Sexual Abuse - Children being denied compensation as they" consented" to abuse

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enoughisenough12 Mon 18-Sep-17 10:33:17

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority have been and are proposing to continue to deny compensation to child victims of CSA on the grounds that they consented - even where their abuser has been jailed.
Guardian article here:

Apparently they see consent 'in fact' as different from consent 'in law'. I utterly despair.

HalfShellHero Mon 18-Sep-17 10:38:21

Its absolutely appalling just shitting all over vulnerable children they failed! I really hope theres huge protests/uprising over this or maybe not but ...

enoughisenough12 Mon 18-Sep-17 10:54:41

Labour women MPs have taken this up - no reported protests from the male MPs (there's a surprise!)

Elendon Mon 18-Sep-17 12:22:28

It's a victim blaming society that we are entrenched in, is all this disgusting judgement displays quite clearly and without shame.

BigDeskBob Mon 18-Sep-17 14:07:03

This was talked about on woman's hour a few weeks ago. It's not as if we are talking large sums of money - one victim who was abused by several men over years, was denied £15k in compensation. Apparently the letter said something like 'on the balance of probability, the victim consented'.

I'm glad mps are questioning this.

msrisotto Mon 18-Sep-17 14:09:57

Paedophile rape culture. Thanks mostly male MPs! You really represent my values.
Someone should really check their computers for child porn.

DJBaggySmalls Mon 18-Sep-17 14:20:39

The point of the age of consent is that children under that age cannot consent. Telling an abuse survivor they consented is another form of abuse.
Thank God some MP's are taking this up.

enoughisenough12 Mon 18-Sep-17 14:30:55

I note that Sarah Champion (the MP whoJeremy Corbyn was so lightning swift to get rid of after her piece in the Sun) is one of the MPs commenting.
I'm waiting for an equally speedy comment on this issue from Corbyn! Nothing on his twitter feed yet........ waiting.....waiting.....

Madreputa Mon 18-Sep-17 14:38:09

I know I will be probably roasted for this but is there another country where the sexual abuse of children happens on such a vast scale, permeating all levels of society, than here? There's just so many cases of mass child sex abuse (even historical) here that I don't seem to hear from other countries.
I might be just ignorant. As I live here, I don't keep so much up- to-date with what's happening in other countries, so obviously I will mainly hear a lot of what's happening here. I am from another country (Europe) where of course child abuse also happens but it is mainly in families, never really on a large extended scale, involving loads of conspiring and often influental paedophiles.
Take the Jimmy Saville case for instance. Celebrity, getting away for decades with abusing kids/youngsters, allegedly known to even the police he was doing this. Do such cases ever exist for example in France or Sweden or Russia or whatever?
Why is the mass abuse of children happen here so often? Kids are abused in care homes, boarding schools etc...
Am just being ignorant of this?

enoughisenough12 Mon 18-Sep-17 15:00:14

CSA crosses borders I'm afraid. A quick google identifies major cases in most European countries
I think in the UK we are being especially rigorous at the moment. Safeguarding is such a high priority now - a poor rating for safeguarding for a school and it fails an Ofsted inspection. The police are dedicating countless hours into investigating historical cases and we have a National enquiry going on. I don't know how this compares with other countries and would NEVER want to be complacent but I do think it is positive that we are attempting as a society to put right some of the historical wrongs.

sourpatchkid Mon 18-Sep-17 15:03:09

Is there anything we can do about this?

It's not even the money - it's the invalidation of abuse that makes me furious

DJBaggySmalls Mon 18-Sep-17 15:31:53

Madreputa you wont get a roasting from anyone who knows anything about the scale of the problem;

'There are too many paedophiles in Britain to put in jail' says Police chief

If you want to do something constructive you can help Europol online by identifying background objects or clothing cut from photos of abuse;

PerkingFaintly Mon 18-Sep-17 15:44:37

I'm glad to see MPs have taken this up. My jaw dropped reading about it last week, but I didn't know what to do about it.

Madreputa, yes, I've lived in countries with very high levels of child sexual abuse.

AFAICS, the difference in the UK is we're now believing the children and considering it a crime. The other countries disbelieved the children, blamed the children, generally didn't care, and if anyone made a fuss blamed "contaminating" foreign influences for "corrupting" them.

A view which perversely will be being fed by the UK's public attempts to get to grips with CSA.

Sweeping it under the carpet continues to work nicely for a lot of countries. Except for the people being abused, of course, but obviously they don't matter.angry

PerryPerryThePlatypus Mon 18-Sep-17 15:49:10

I wonder what percentage are girls, that are being denied compensation.

PerkingFaintly Mon 18-Sep-17 15:50:14

I mean, when you see a man found guilty of raping a child under 5 yrs old, and he's given a suspended sentence because it's his first offence...

There's no need to talk of conspiracy or cover-up when it's all happening in the open and the public are OK with it. Similarly, there aren't pages and pages of coverage and when it's not really news.

ponderingprobably Mon 18-Sep-17 16:43:24

This was on my Yahoo news feed today. Shocking:

Related but not exactly the same. A 12 year old girl was groomed by paedophile but she faces charges for sending him pictures. The law is a mess. I get that pictures could, potentially, be sent maliciously or that they were unsolicited but there is no hint that this is the case here.

Elendon Mon 18-Sep-17 16:57:01

Why is a paedophile grooming a 12 year old? For what purpose?

Does he want to get to know her?

It's insane to think that a 12 year old is complicit.

Elendon Mon 18-Sep-17 17:05:13

Madreputa Belgium - many links with the UK though. Indonesia - many strong links with the UK though. It's all interconnected. These are mainly white single paedophiles though. They are incredibly difficult to prosecute and there is a thought that these men are also linked to terrorist groups who do make money from prostitution online.

It's quite easy to target Asian men group of men, but this wasn't done because of two things: The police thought the girls were asking for it, and social workers had these ideas too. Men are seen as pillars of the community.

ponderingprobably Mon 18-Sep-17 17:09:40

It's insane to think that a 12 year old is complicit.

Agree. How this has even got to this stage, I don't know.

Acer77 Wed 04-Oct-17 20:39:07

Petition here to sign and share

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