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Israeli airline can't make women move seats for men anymore

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JamRock Fri 23-Jun-17 10:19:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AssassinatedBeauty Fri 23-Jun-17 10:23:05

I saw this and was relieved that this was the outcome. Totally insane that asking women to move was ever something that was thought of as an acceptable resolution! If misogynistic men want to avoid women they can pay extra for empty seats either side of them, or pay for a first class ticket.

HmmOkay Fri 23-Jun-17 10:28:42

"After successfully suing the country’s national carrier, El Al, for gender discrimination and winning a landmark ruling, Rabinowitz’s stand now means that flight stewards can no longer request female passengers move seats to accommodate ultra-orthodox men who do not want to sit next to them".

At first I thought that the men just refused to sit next to the woman. And perhaps would ask other passengers if they would mind swapping seats.

But no, they want to sit down and make the woman move. All of the hassle and humiliation pushed onto the woman who did nothing wrong. Astonishing entitlement, really. By all means have religious beliefs but you bear the burden that comes with that - you don't get to push it onto some innocent person so that it doesn't inconvenience you.

TheLuminaries Fri 23-Jun-17 10:32:33

Outrageous that an 80 year old holocaust survivor could be made to move by some lazy entitled arse who thinks his faith gives him more rights than someone who was in a concentration camp for that faith. Male privilege at its most jaw dropping.

JamRock Fri 23-Jun-17 10:32:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CheeseBubbles Sat 24-Jun-17 19:45:53

I can't fathom why the women would ever have been asked to move anyway? Why not the men? Why not reserve the back row for misogynistic twats

HerOtherHalf Sat 24-Jun-17 19:52:07

Why not reserve the back row for misogynistic twats

Or the hold perhaps.

CheeseBubbles Sat 24-Jun-17 19:53:06

I'm annoyed that on a UK carrier the men weren't just thrown off the plane.

OlennasWimple Sat 24-Jun-17 19:55:06

I initially cheered when I read this. But I hope that it won't lead to sex segregated seating areas on the plane as a result

whoputthecatout Sat 24-Jun-17 22:47:18

Sometimes one can only reach an inevitable conclusion - that some men are really very very silly. They should not be indulged - ever.

LassWiTheDelicateAir Sat 24-Jun-17 23:26:16

I'm annoyed that on a UK carrier the men weren't just thrown off the plane

Because religious sensitivities have to be pandered to,no matter how nonsensical.

TheMaddHugger Sun 25-Jun-17 04:30:13

Wow do these men even conceded that the were born of a Woman that carried them in her womb ?

I just don't understand that hatred they have of women

Foniks Sun 25-Jun-17 04:34:53

shock I hadn't even heard of this before!

DubaiismyBlackpool Sun 25-Jun-17 05:06:28

I wonder if certain middle eastern airlines will follow suit? I've been asked to move before because a man didn't want to sit next to me. I fear it'll lead to segregated planes.

TheDowagerCuntess Sun 25-Jun-17 05:17:49

So, they can't sit next to a woman, but they can fly on a plane. There's logic.

fuckoffdailysnail Sun 25-Jun-17 06:46:00

Do the women actually move though? I certainly bloody wouldn't!

OlennasWimple Sun 25-Jun-17 10:11:38

fuckoff I guess it's a choice of move or get thrown off the plane...

HmmOkay Sun 25-Jun-17 10:44:27

Why isn't it a case of the man either sits in his allocated space or asks another passenger to swap? Since he is the one with the problem?

Why is it always the woman who has to give up her seat?

And then, if nobody will swap, and someone has to be chucked off the plane, then it should be HIM? The one causing all the problems.

Or if sitting next to a woman is such a trauma for him, he either doesn't get on the plane at all or buys extra seats either side of him to ensure that they are free. What's that? Too much trouble for him?

What if someone doesn't want to sit next to a black person? The black person should move?

No way in hell would I move. This ingrained sexism is always at the forefront - in this case not even just from the man himself. From the airline automatically thinking "Man has issue of his own making. Okay, we'll get to THE WOMAN to move".

VestalVirgin Sun 25-Jun-17 11:07:06

Oh, I am all for sex segregated planes. Men in back, women in front, and female pilot, naturally, because the pilot is in the front.

Women are much more level headed and much less likely to murder the passengers by intentionally crashing the plane. (There have been some cases of men doing this in the press not so long ago)

It would increase safety.

I suppose we could issue exception permissions to sit in the front to family fathers who don't want to sit with the misogynist twats.

VestalVirgin Sun 25-Jun-17 11:09:26

What if someone doesn't want to sit next to a black person? The black person should move?

There was this story making the rounds a while ago, where a black man sat next to a racist who complained to the stewardess.

Stewardess apologized to the black man for the inconvenience of being seated next to a racist asshole and got him a seat in first class free of charge.

That's how people deal with racism ... or at least how much of the internet thinks racism should be dealt with.

JamRock Sun 25-Jun-17 11:15:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PoochSmooch Sun 25-Jun-17 11:24:25

I'm glad that this archaic misogynistic piece of nonsense has finally been addressed. It's outrageous that the solution has been to get women to move because some backwards fundie is afraid he'll catch the women dirtiness if he has to share an armrest with an unknown female. The fact that the accepted solution has always to date been to make the woman move tells you that these types do indeed see women as inferior - not "different" as we're often told - but lesser. If it genuinely stemmed from some sort of modesty, then they could just quietly request to be seated next to a man, and not embarrass the woman. But no.

ememem84 Sun 25-Jun-17 11:26:37

Very interesting.

I was asked to move on my flight with the orange airline from tel aviv to Gatwick last year. I moved but I got a free row all to myself and the hostie brought me a wine free. The man was adamant he was sitting in his pre allocated seat. And I had to move.

I'd already been patted down by security at the airport and had my bag searched so didn't make a fuss about it....

ChocChocPorridge Sun 25-Jun-17 11:45:29

As my DS pointed out when the girls were told they couldn't take part in a visit to a mosque - it would be a hate crime to exclude a trans person - but not a woman

That's insane - how can it possibly be allowed to exclude girls from an educational trip!

AssassinatedBeauty Sun 25-Jun-17 11:47:18

The answer to that is to find a different mosque that will allow all children to visit. It's unthinkable to continue with a trip with just the boys. If I were a parent (of a boy or girl) at this school I'd be livid and making a huge fuss about it.

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