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Bath Spa Uni refusing to allow research on detransitioners because potential negative social media reactions

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miri1985 Wed 14-Jun-17 08:56:38

I'm honestly floored by this, is this what Universities have come to that they won't allow people to do important psychological research because they're so afraid of negative social media.

"Initially the university had given me permission to begin the research, and later I widened the proposal to include people who reversed their gender transition without necessarily reversing the surgery. This was because at first it was difficult to find people willing to speak openly about their reversal – one person said they were too traumatised to talk about it – confirming the need for the research. I was also contacted by a spokeswoman for a group of young women in the US who had transitioned to male, had their breasts removed, then reversed the transition. They wanted me to know that they didn’t reverse their surgery, and so wouldn’t qualify for my research. I then decided to include those who reversed transition without reversing surgery, as there appeared to be a growing number of people in this group too, and yet there was little current research or discussion of this in the gender field.

In November 2016 Bath Spa University refused my re-application, fundamentally on the basis that it might attract unpleasant comments on social media, which they said might be detrimental to the reputation of the university. In January 2017 there was a final ruling which supported this decision."

VestalVirgin Wed 14-Jun-17 10:48:15

Sadly, I am not even surprised anymore. Women's human rights with regard to privacy and relative safety from prison rape are thrown under the bus because of trans, of course they'd also throw under the bus the freedom of research.

Terfing Wed 14-Jun-17 12:35:18

Nothing matters more than male feelings.

Poor woman. I hope she gets a better uni to support her.

Rumandraisin1 Thu 15-Jun-17 22:35:12

The silencing of any other voices on this subject is scary - and, as in this case, sometimes contrary to the interests of people who do or have identified as trans. Any lawyers on here who know whether there is much chance of the ruling being overturned?

Terfing Fri 16-Jun-17 00:28:43

There's a. Lot of support for this project on Twitter. It seems to be gaining steam?

LassWiTheDelicateAir Fri 16-Jun-17 09:37:39

Poor woman. I hope she gets a better uni to support her

I think the researcher is a man. James Caspian

cadnowyllt Fri 16-Jun-17 14:07:43

Nothing matters more than male feelings.

I think the researcher is a man. James Caspian


cadnowyllt Fri 16-Jun-17 14:18:09

Any lawyers on here who know whether there is much chance of the ruling being overturned?

I thought judicial review could only be applied to decisions made be government or quasi-governmental organisations - would that include universities then ?

Terfing Fri 16-Jun-17 21:48:52

"I think the researcher is a man. James Caspian"

Did you just presume his gender? shock

LassWiTheDelicateAir Sat 17-Jun-17 16:27:37

Another poster assumed this researcher was a woman.

I opened the link and saw the name James Caspian. I googled "James Caspian". James Caspian has a significant online presence. James Caspian has a male name, looks like a man and where pronouns are used they are male.

What was the point of your post and emoji?

Terfing Sat 17-Jun-17 20:59:13


'''Twas a joke! wink

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