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Acronyms used/new ones

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BeyondUser24601 Mon 24-Apr-17 11:22:32

There has already been discussion elsewhere about "transwomen"/Mtt/TIM (trans identifying males) "transmen"/ftt/TIF (trans identifying females)

I thought of another, regarding the emphasis of "gender" being either sex (when talking biologically) or "sex role stereotypes" - to make it absolutely clear what you are talking about...
I've seen GNC used quite a lot, and wondered if SSNC might be better (sex stereotype non conforming)?

What do you think? And are there any other acronyms that you think may need tweaking?
(TERF to PERF is one that makes me laugh 😄)
And of course what are your opinions on TIM/TIF (these are not mine btw)

VestalVirgin Mon 24-Apr-17 11:47:21

I've seen GNC used quite a lot, and wondered if SSNC might be better (sex stereotype non conforming)?

I don't think so. In feminist discourse (I mean, real, second wave feminism) gender means "sex stereotype", roughly.

That the transgenderists talk of "gender" when they talk about their "identity" makes it very obvious to me that they are fine with their bodies, they just want a different set of stereotypes applied to them.

Otherwise, they'd talk of sex dysphoria. Not "gender".

We can say "sex" when we mean biology.

Yes, the transgenderists will pretend not to understand, but they'd do this regardless.
If an innocent, uninformed person wants to know what actual feminism means by "gender", there's a shitload of definitions out there on the internet.

Those who are too lazy to google are likely also too lazy to think about the matter.

What is "trans identifying" supposed to mean? Is that the word we use to talk about those trans people who acknowledge biological reality?
Because if not, I don't think we need it, MtT is sufficient.

BeyondUser24601 Mon 24-Apr-17 12:17:29

I think the idea behind "trans identifying male/female" was that it's easier to use in conversation than Mtt/ftt, and to try to prevent using transwoman/man when talking as it enforces the idea of them becoming the opposite sex. Emphasis on people not identifying as a stereotype that they can't possibly claim access to ("feel like a woman/man", etc) - so they don't identify as women/men, they identify as trans.

Does that make sense? I'll see if I can find the discussion to see what other points there were...

I agree that gender means sex stereotype already so see your point there, and agree about people not googling too. 😕

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