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Centre for Women's Justice Event in Bristol

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brasty Fri 07-Apr-17 12:03:06

Anyone going to this event? It looks really interesting.

Centre for Women’s Justice: South-West of England launch event
University of West of England Bristol 20 April 2017: 9.45 – 5.30
The Centre for Women’s Justice is a new Charity which aims to advance the human rights of women and girls in England and Wales by:
(1) Holding the state to account for failures to prevent violence against women and girls
(2) Challenging discrimination against women and girls in the criminal justice system
This event will bring together survivors, activists, women’s sector groups, academics and others concerned with violence against women and girls to explore with lawyers how to hold the state to account and challenge discrimination within the criminal justice system.
A series of panel discussions with opportunities to network and explore ideas for collaborative working:
9.45 – 10.15 Registration
10.15 Introduction from Harriet Wistrich, founding director of Centre for Women’s Justice and Professor Phil Rumney of UWE Law school
10.30– 11.30 – The lawyers - how we can use the law to hold the state to account
Karon Monaghan QC, leading lawyer in public law, discrimination and human rights as well as part time judge and coroner, has acted for many women’s groups and individuals challenging discrimination and violence against women
Ugo Hayter, solicitor at Bristol firm, Deighton Pierce Glynn specialising in challenges against public authorities in relation to detention, discrimination, destitution, international law and corporate accountability
Fiona McGhie, solicitor at Bristol branch of Irwin Mitchel specialising in actions against the police and public law challenges
11.45– 13.00 - Up against it: Survivors and activists and their legal cases – chair Harriet Wistrich
‘Lisa’ – one of eight women who were deceived by undercover police officers in intimate relationships and achieved an historic victory and public apology from the Metropolitan police
‘Emily’ – survivor of serious domestic violence from her Cornish based police officer husband, whose colleagues covered up for him still searching for justice
Anira Khokhar – Bristol based woman who waived her anonymity to expose her ex- husband, a prominent member of the Pakistani community about failures by police and cps to hold him to account in relation to complaints she made of sexual violence
Stacey Hyde – Somerset based woman who spent five years in prison for killing a violent man who attacked her, she appealed her murder conviction and was acquitted at retrial
2.00 – 3.15 – Knowledge base: understanding and perceptions – chair Finn Mackay
Professor Jackie Jones – professor of feminist legal studies, UWE, specialising in women’s rights, international human rights, human trafficking and violence against women
Geetanjali Gangoli of Bristol University Gender and Violence research group
Sarah Ditum, local freelance journalist on the importance on how the media shapes perceptions of sexual violence and the role of the state
Jacci Parry BBC documentary film maker on responsible broadcasting of legal cases around violence against women and girls
3.15 – 4.30 From the frontline: identifying the challenges women face
Nimco Ali – co-founder of Daughters of Eve – campaigner and activist challenge Female Genital Mutiliation and violence against women and girls.
Yasmin Rehman with Dr Hannana Siddiqui – will talk on their ground breaking long term activism around violence against women and BME groups particularly in relation to honour based violence and challenging fundamentalism
More speakers to be confirmed from the Southwest of England specialist women’s sector
5.00 Plenary – how we collaborate to bring strategic litigation challenges and hold the state to account
To book go to this link:…/bristol2017/

Prawnofthepatriarchy Fri 07-Apr-17 22:14:12

Golly, that looks good. I'll have a think.

DJBaggySmalls Fri 07-Apr-17 22:41:52

I'd love to but cant. It would be great if organisers of these events could offer podcasts to download, Dropbox and other file sharing sites offer free accounts <hint hint>

Datun Sat 08-Apr-17 01:28:28

That looks very meaty. I wonder if they will talk about the legalities surrounding gender discrimination trumping sex discrimination.

I'm going to think about this one. It's a bit of a schlep though.

brasty Sun 09-Apr-17 09:15:25

They do have events in other parts of England and Wales.
Datun don't know, I am not sure they touch that subject at all.

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