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Beta male violence

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YorkshireTree Tue 28-Mar-17 10:07:08

These people are utterly terrifying. Some of them have committed mass shootings to cheers of approval from the other posters.

They say rape is comparable to a starving man stealing a loaf of bread. Its only bad if it is against a wife or a virgin as you are sullying the current or future marital bond. Rape is just an inconvenience if you are an unmarried non virgin and your rapist will have suffered far more as an involuntary celibate.

This is basically terrorism against women. Why is it not reported as such?

Datun Tue 28-Mar-17 10:34:30

Harper-Mercer was a virgin at 26, and not happy about it. According to police reports, his “manifesto” (which was not released to the public) contained complaints about how unfair it was that he didn’t have a girlfriend. And, like many of these other killers, his frustrations played out online—in blogs and on misogynist forums—before he ever took action.

Why wasn't his manifesto released to the public? Why was it not held up as the disgusting, entitled rapey attitude it is?

Social media is such a double edged sword. Before, these people would've been isolated weirdos and outcasts, but now they are all able to band together. Encouraging each other and making it all seem normal.

And I'm not sure this whole 'I'm entitled to sex and I'm going to be violent unless I get it' attitude is necessarily confined to very few men. I think it's fairly prevalent, just perhaps to not such a great degree.

ILoveDolly Tue 28-Mar-17 10:49:27

Didn't we previously call these guys "losers"? I wonder if they need a history class, because historically they'd have had less chance of getting sex (or a wife) than now not more? Feminism has actually helped them although I doubt they'd see it that way. I doubt these boards aren't monitored by the security services though, seeing as though they incite violence

quencher Tue 28-Mar-17 10:53:33

Thanks op for this post. I just need to wrap my head around it. I don't know why I don't feel shocked and surprised by it.

VestalVirgin Tue 28-Mar-17 12:39:43

This is basically terrorism against women. Why is it not reported as such?

Because patriarchy. Because women don't count.

I'd have no problem with it not being reported; if their woman-hating manifestos were never made accessible to the public. We don't want other men to imitate them, after all.

What I do have a very big problem with is the fact it is not investigated as terrorism.

Islamist would-be terrorists are arrested in the dozens. But misogynist terrorists? Nope.

I just read that the most recent London terrorist was abusive to his wife - was anything done about him, then? Nope.

Apparently the benefit abusive men have to patriarchy outweighs the risks that they might kill some men in their terrorist attacks. Keeping women oppressed has a higher priority than saving some men's lives.

NotCarylChurchill Tue 28-Mar-17 12:41:56

I wish they'd stop this beta male, alpha male nonsense. No such thing.

If you're going around raping women you're clearly not some meek little "nice guy" are you!

YorkshireTree Tue 28-Mar-17 12:43:33

I think you are spot on Vestal.


QueenOfTheSardines Tue 28-Mar-17 13:03:01

I think that societies reaction to this sort of thing - excuses, justifications, hand-wringing, and a smattering of "men have needs / boys will be boys" shows up that we have a long way to go.

That man in the news who got away without prison after doing stuff like beating his wife with a baseball bat and making her drink bleach was a good example. If it had been someone on the street he'd done this to, it would have been national news. Or a parent to a child. But within sexual relationships there seems to be a lot of leeway. And actually even I have a stronger visceral reaction to the idea of someone doing this to a stranger on the street than what happened, which is simply awful. Not sure why - unconscious biases that we're steeped in I guess. A stranger attack seems more scary as could "happen to anyone"? Don't know.

Anyway, yes, society at large sees this sort of thing as attitudes and views that some men have that are just the way it is, when in fact it's terrorism.

QueenOfTheSardines Tue 28-Mar-17 13:04:21

If attacks against women were considered hate crimes, even just the ones that are more obviously motivated by hate, would the police have time to do anything else?

venusinscorpio Tue 28-Mar-17 13:36:59

"Incel" -involuntary celibacy. That's how they frame it. Everyone is a victim in the manosphere.

Datun Tue 28-Mar-17 13:44:20

'Incel' is just another way to say if it wasn't for these pesky laws, I would be out raping women on a daily basis.

TheSmallClangerWhistlesAgain Tue 28-Mar-17 14:12:56

They are like PUAs on steroids. They don't understand either that their horrific and scary attitudes make up a good chunk of what keeps women away from them.
They really do need monitoring. A good proportion of them are all in favour of removing the age of consent, and I read about one who though t that child brides were a good idea.

venusinscorpio Tue 28-Mar-17 14:16:47

YY Datun.

Xenophile Tue 28-Mar-17 18:29:24

Ive not done an in depth analysis yet, but from reading reports on the last year's mass shootings in the US and Europe and other kinds of terrorism, there is a pattern of perpetrators being overwhelmingly male and having been previously domestically violent.

Family annihilation is on the rise, and there is always a history of DVA before the final outcome.

Domestic violence does seem to be a gateway crime to other, worse ones. Perhaps if men are happy to display their hatred of women in this way, they only have little steps to take to hate everyone enough? Whatever the steps, DVA needs to be taken far more seriously by the courts.

Xenophile Tue 28-Mar-17 18:30:17

When I say worse crimes, I meant publicly worse ones. DVA is hideous on its own.

venusinscorpio Tue 28-Mar-17 18:43:51

Perhaps if men are happy to display their hatred of women in this way, they only have little steps to take to hate everyone enough?

Elliot Rodger.

venusinscorpio Tue 28-Mar-17 18:44:44

PreemptiveSalvageEngineer Tue 28-Mar-17 20:10:34

I read this a couple of years back and it was a paradigm shift for me. In particular how men are trained to think "I'm a nice guy, why don't I get the girl?..."

venusinscorpio Tue 28-Mar-17 20:32:14

These men utterly think all women are completely worthless apart from the brief time of life when some of us are attractive to them. I once dated a PUA briefly and accidentally as a result of this found out an ex of mine had been into it too. To understand and satisfy my morbid curiosity I lurked on loads of these sites for a time. To say they have no respect for us is a huge understatement.

PreemptiveSalvageEngineer Tue 28-Mar-17 20:40:16

And YY to the "gateway crime" reasoning.

QueenOfTheSardines Tue 28-Mar-17 20:45:41

Enjoyed that article thanks Preemptive!

BumbumMcTumtum Tue 28-Mar-17 20:46:17

I remember being on another forum years ago, and the "I'm a nice guy, why can't I get a girlfriend" quickly and often descended into misogynistic hate language. Was really very scary.

But it had even been suggested that while out in a bar/club setting it was mentioned that women have the power to give their time to what men they want, and rape was a way for men to get the power back. sad

TheSmallClangerWhistlesAgain Tue 28-Mar-17 21:59:30

BumBum, was that on Digital Spy?

I haven't been on there for a few years, but there were a couple of posters like that I can remember. One of them did get banned after he claimed that it was natural for him to have sex with a 15 year old. I don't know how old he really was, but he was posting as someone much older than that.

BumbumMcTumtum Tue 28-Mar-17 22:01:29

No clanger, I used to be part of a few magazine forums (that no longer operate due to trolls and general worrying statements like that one).

VestalVirgin Tue 28-Mar-17 22:57:20

"Incel" -involuntary celibacy. That's how they frame it. Everyone is a victim in the manosphere.

And it is such a lie. They could buy a prostitute, which I consider a form of legalized rape, but regardless, they could do this. They already live in the world they want, and yet they complain that there's a tiny chance they might be convicted of rape if they don't stick to prostituted women in their raping?

They could also stick their dicks in each other, if they consider partnered sex a human right.

If you ever meet such a man (I hope you don't!) then ask him for me why he doesn't just find another "involuntarily celibate" man and helps him, thus solving both there problems.

(I know why, of course. They don't want to have sex with men. They want to force something on women that they themselves don't want. They're utter hypocrites.)

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