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Feminist events/ conferences 2017

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Terfinator Sun 19-Mar-17 12:13:58

Can we have a general feminist events discussion?

I'm thinking of attending this conference in June:

It looks interesting. Although, I'm surprised they haven't scheduled any trans discussions...

Any other events/ conferences?

PhoenixJasmine Sun 19-Mar-17 16:23:03

WOW was last weekend at South Bank grin I went to an interesting talk about erasure of lesbians that turned out not to really be about erasure of lesbians but mainly about lack of intersectionality in the LGBT movement. It was quite frustrating. Messages came across that it was ok that some people consider identifying as lesbian to be transphobic (should be queer instead, it's more inclusive), the word 'cis' was bandied around without anyone batting an eyelid that many women (lesbian or not) find it an offensive term and intersex women were conflated with butch lesbians, by an intersex woman which was quite confusing.

I wanted to ask if the panel had any concerns that the increasing acceptance of transgenderism in a highly gender stereotyped society was pushing young girls who would otherwise become non-gender conforming lesbians to identify as trans men. But in the end I didn't have the guts to. Was scared of being labelled TERF and followed home etc.

PhoenixJasmine Sun 19-Mar-17 16:25:19

I didn't mean acceptance of transgenderism. That is pretty "transphobic". I meant proselytism of transgenderism.

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