Government finds a new low to sink too - 'Tax credit 'rape clause' becomes law without parliamentary vote'

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HaruNoSakura Thu 16-Mar-17 16:13:50

Not going to add anything else, because anything else I add will involve more expletives than I'm generally comfortable with.

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HelenDenver Sat 18-Mar-17 06:09:49

I want to cry about this.

Still, at least Osborne, its architect, is suffering with all his lucrative new jobs. Oh wait. He fucking isnt.

annandale Sat 18-Mar-17 06:19:07

I find the idea of these sessions absolutely ludicrous. Just from the point of view of the stupid logistics of the thing, leaving the emotional and political to one side for a minute. How do the 'advisors' even start having these conversations? What does and advisor do when disclosure is made? How do you train people to have these conversations? What is the working day going to be like when you need to inform the police about half your workload? What do the police expect - surely if they are informed of a disclosure of rape, the advisor will need to make a witness statement, or at the very least stop work to make an accurate contemporaneous record of what was said, which would take you off the workforce for a large chunk of time?

OK, bringing the emotional and political back into it - what an absolute fucking disgrace. WHERE THE FUCK IS CORBYN? Where is Yvette Cooper? I never thought Theresa May was any great shakes but she's happy to ponce around in a 'This si what a feminist looks like' tshirt, how about a tshirt saying 'The rape clause is what a feminist prime minister is happy to enact'?

PoochSmooch Sat 18-Mar-17 07:38:58

Jesus. What a mess.

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