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Tori Amos, confirmed TERF

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sillage Wed 15-Mar-17 16:01:34

Okay not really, but I came across this improv she did after running into a man in the ladies room backstage and thought it was apropos. Apparently she was so bothered by him that this was the second improv of the night about it.

There was a man... (C sharp)
There was a man
There was a man backstage
I said, a man doing his thing
There was a man... ya know?
There was a man doing his thing
There was a man ah-talking, ah-talking on the phone
There was a man
Can you believe he was - in the woman's room?
And I said, boy I've got to

Spank your ass
come here, this is MY room
spank that ass
Who do you work for? You on my crew?
spankin' your ass
This is my room, and I almost did
A-One, a-Two, a-Three, a-Four...
I don't know, what the fuck, shut the door!

There was a man upstairs
I looked on the sign and I said 'Amy, that says 'LAY' 'LAY' - not (to) 'lay' - 'DEE' - 'LADY'
The lady's room, that's a war room
we do our thing
Lady's sacred room, boy
That's a war room
The ladies room, we do our thing
It is sacred territory, the Lord can't come in
But there was a man on, on the telephone
I said boy, I've got to - Come here!

I've got to spank your ass
Put your clothes on
Spank your ass
Naughty boy, you're in the throne room
Spankin' that Ass
Do you work on my crew, honey?
'Cause if you do you're...

patodp Wed 15-Mar-17 19:39:59


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