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Miranda Yardley chased off twitter/blogging by transactivit trolls

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MOTU Tue 14-Mar-17 12:45:44

I'm really sad to see that trans feminist writer Miranda yardley has been chased out of town by trolls and so called "feminists" purely for expressing their honest and may I say scientifically informed opinion that trans women are and always will be male and cannot claim the same experience of womanhood as born women. I always though Miranda was such an important voice in the debate because as a trans woman they can't be accused of transphobia or being a TERF...
Farewell blog post here:
Particularly brilliant last paragraph

terryleather Tue 14-Mar-17 13:18:04

Sad to see Miranda go too MOTU .

A voice of calm reason & sanity with seemingly infinate patience to take on the wackadoodles & handmaidens, but that got them almost constant abuse - I could feel my piss boil just reading their mentions so feck knows what a mental toll it would take all day every day.

Miranda if you're reading this, I learned so much from you and I wish you all the best.

Thank you flowers

jellyfrizz Tue 14-Mar-17 13:26:46

Noooo! I've just started reading Miranda's work; it all makes so much sense.

I am sad to see her go but don't blame her for wanting to turn her back on all the hate and just get on with living her life.

I loved this part of the final post:

It seems folly to me for any progressive, liberationist or liberal to seek to legislate to protect gender identity when we could achieve a fairer, more tolerant and compassionate society by protecting gender non-conformity and do away with all the boxes. This would strike at the heart of so many structural problems and likely give both sides in this debate much of what they want.

Anlaf Tue 14-Mar-17 13:58:50

Really sad to see this - I've loved hearing Miranda's incredibly reasonable voice on this (on MN and elsewhere).

I do think that this debate will become less extreme in time and I absolutely think Miranda's contributions will continue to help that happen. But I can understand the cost of taking an active part in it at the moment.

Thank you Miranda flowers also please stay on mumsnet pretty please

M0stlyBowlingHedgehog Tue 14-Mar-17 15:19:16

Thank you Miranda for all your wonderful writing over the years flowers

ladyballs Tue 14-Mar-17 15:22:32


Miranda Yardley - you are a fucking star. You've brought clarity to my thoughts many times. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I dare not speak out in your defence because I'm too fucking scared to speak my own opinions on this. I'm sorry that you've been the target of this shit.

Clonakilty Tue 14-Mar-17 15:52:43

Big fan, too, Miranda. So sorry about all this. Xx

ArcheryAnnie Tue 14-Mar-17 15:54:50

I'm not surprised that Miranda has taken a break - she's been absolutely relentless in standing up for women, and has had a tide of shit from trans activists coming her way because of it. That's what real social justice activism looks like - acknowledging your male privilege and using it defence of those who don't have it, and doing it anyway even knowing that you will be punished for it.

Miranda, if you ever get to read this, thank you so much. And I know flowers and cake aren't very metal, but here they are anyway: flowers cake

Poppyred85 Tue 14-Mar-17 16:16:30

Thank you Miranda. I hope you get some peace and quiet away from the abuse. If you wanted to I'm sure you would be welcome on these boards anytime. flowers

booox Tue 14-Mar-17 19:30:09

I had literally just discovered her and saw the fb post last week.

Just so spot on, I'm so sad to see her bullied out.

I think the post script illustrates the blind stupidity behind it all. I have no words for the screen shot posted there. I only hope people will slowly wake up to the stupidity.

booox Tue 14-Mar-17 19:31:06

I for one will carry on reading the blog history and also will be promoting it to others.

RufusTheSpartacusReindeer Tue 14-Mar-17 20:23:57



mirandayardley Mon 03-Apr-17 11:12:10

I will return. I'm just getting over some personal stuff, once that's out of the way I'll be back.

dangermouseisace Mon 03-Apr-17 11:58:02

that's good to hear miranda hope your break gives you the space you need flowers

RufusTheRenegadeReindeer Mon 03-Apr-17 12:36:47

What danger said smile

Prawnofthepatriarchy Mon 03-Apr-17 13:11:09

Very glad to hear that, Miranda. So pleased to see you posting here. You've been so brave and you express yourself so well. At least you can post safely safe here. Abuse is not tolerated, and repeat offenders get banned. I'm sure one of the reasons MN is one of the few gender critical forums is that pretty much anywhere else trans activists silence critics either through relentless abuse or by simply deleting any poster who dissents. Here, where we are not silenced or insulted, gender critical views are revealed as logical, reasonable and in no way phobic.

DJBaggySmalls Mon 03-Apr-17 13:20:33

mirandayardley take a breather to get your head together, but dont be a stranger smile

ArcheryAnnie Mon 03-Apr-17 18:22:17

Hi Miranda!

PoochSmooch Mon 03-Apr-17 19:31:51

Thanks for letting us know, Miranda smile hope whatever stuff you've got going on is going in the right direction.

WhereYouLeftIt Mon 03-Apr-17 20:02:08

<waves> to Miranda smile.

NauticalDisaster Tue 04-Apr-17 08:52:21

flowers Miranda

ageingrunner Tue 04-Apr-17 08:53:40

I'm glad to hear that Miranda. It's not the same without you flowers

CoolJazz Tue 04-Apr-17 09:09:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mumtobe25 Tue 04-Jul-17 22:54:14

I heard from a friend of mine this individual constantly harasses trans women I was curious and the twitter account seems to confirm this from what I've seen they seem to be very hateful & as a friend of a mother with a trans girl the things they've said is kind of disturbing

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