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How we are failing girls

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shinynewusername Mon 27-Feb-17 07:48:41

This article is a brilliant skewering of the hypocrisy of objecting to minor male infringements of female space (like man-spreading on the Tube), while at the same time telling teenage girls they are bigots if they don't want to share changing rooms with men.

The writer is a Trump supporter, so I suspect he and I wouldn't agree on a whole lot else, but he is 100% right on this. Depressingly, it seems that the Left/liberals/Greens have totally abandoned women and it is only conservatives who are challenging the loss of women's spaces.

VestalVirgin Mon 27-Feb-17 12:04:50

It is a bit like the times when poor people were better off as slaves as at least someone would consider them valuable property, as the alternative was starving on the streets with no one caring about them.

Though of course, that sort of thing never went unnoticed by the victims of it.

Only women have been so thoroughly brainwashed by thousands of years of patriarchy that many actually consider it feminism to hand our hard-won rights back to men without even putting up a fight.

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