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An interesting video with some good Radfem stuff

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OfftheCuff Tue 21-Feb-17 09:45:30

Don't know if this video of Prof Bronwyn Winter has had good circulation here:

It's a really good statement of a sensible feminist argument about gender & sex, and the trans debate.

(Trivia note: I was at university with her - she talks about being a "tall girl" - I remember her as a fantastic dancer (those legs!) & general tough louche woman in student theatre!)

OfftheCuff Tue 21-Feb-17 10:01:08

Watching this again (I should be marking essays), and it's so sharp. She makes very clear the problems of the slippage between sex and gender, and gives a very nuanced and researched account of gender critical transsexuals, and the issues this has for women. She proclaims again, the importance of women being able to talk about the experience of their bodies.

Virginia Woolf said, a little under a century ago, in her essay "Professions for Women" that while as a woman writer she had succeeded in killing the Angel in the House, she feels she failed in "telling the truth about my own experiences as a body."

Seems that's still the thing that men can't cope with!

SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Wed 22-Feb-17 08:54:13

That was interesting, thanks for posting it!

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