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Anyone else following 'Historical Women' on twitter?

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PlectrumElectrum Tue 14-Feb-17 15:34:50

Came across this recently & I'm really enjoying the tweets pop up sporadically. So far, every one has me thinking 'I did not know that' grin but fascinating all the same.

I like the premise - tweeting about women in history who were either brushed out or who were never recognised for their many talents & achievements- it's just really interesting.

venusinscorpio Tue 14-Feb-17 16:31:39

Ooh thanks, might have a look.

ToffeePenny Thu 16-Feb-17 07:07:13

I am now! Thanks OP.
Particularly liked the link to historical women I've never heard of before

Lessthanaballpark Thu 16-Feb-17 08:35:18

Thanks OP, and Toffee for the buzz feed link. It was my New Years resolution to learn more about women in history as they're so under represented so I've been reading Jenni Murray's "History of Britain in 21 women". Although it's the usual suspects (Elizabeth I, Jane Austen etc) each one it is really very good.

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