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Just when you thought Everyday Transactivism could no longer surprise * title edited by MNHQ*

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mirrorisnotmyfriend Sun 12-Feb-17 11:20:19

They come up with this.

First post - Why Transwomen Aren't Biologically Male.

The comments are encouraging though, that is, the ones that haven't been deleted. Lots of people questioning and calling this out.

Milliepede Sun 12-Feb-17 12:33:15

The linguistis gymnastics from some posters are quite amusing.

venusinscorpio Sun 12-Feb-17 12:51:46

Am on Everyday Bullshit's Facebook and I'm following a great argument between the fabulous Rebecca Reilly Cooper and a set of massive Pomo-drunk fuckwits shrieking about being erased while refusing to acknowledge that biological women are a specific group.

venusinscorpio Sun 12-Feb-17 12:53:17

Cissexism as an oppressive system inherently renders trans and intersex people a subordinate class. Supporting and reproducing cissexism is supporting rendering us subordinate, invalid, and erasing/^^overwriting our experiences and histories.

venusinscorpio Sun 12-Feb-17 12:56:06

She's got more patience than me!

whoputthecatout Sun 12-Feb-17 12:58:20

I couldn't get past Riley's Adam's apple. grin

UncontrolledImmigrant Sun 12-Feb-17 13:06:30

I love this business of ooo we don't really know what anyone's chromosomes say unless they'd been tested

I have menstruated monthly for the last nearly twenty years, apart from when I was pregnant or breastfeeding- I haven't had my chromosomes tested, but I reckon I could make a pretty accurate guess as to what they'd say if I did grin

venusinscorpio Sun 12-Feb-17 13:07:05

How about this gem from a different conversation:

I try to avoid doctors and medical forms cus they make me cry with their essentialist bs.

Ideally we will develop terminology for identifying anatomy without connecting it to either current binary biological constructs or gender.

venusinscorpio Sun 12-Feb-17 13:08:09

No, I think let's stick with the current terminology thanks.

DeviTheGaelet Sun 12-Feb-17 13:39:48

Ideally we will develop terminology for identifying anatomy without connecting it to either current binary biological constructs or gender.
What the fuck?
Seriously do these people ever thing anything through?
How can you dissociate anatomy from biology?
Rebecca RC is the business on that thread though.

venusinscorpio Sun 12-Feb-17 14:06:40

Apparently hyenas have a "non binary gender construct".

DeviTheGaelet Sun 12-Feb-17 14:11:23

Oh hyenas are fascinating. The females have a pseudopenis that they give birth through, ouch. They have high testosterone levels. Still female though. Not sure what relevance hyenas have to humans.
Male mallard ducks are rapists - does that make rape ok?

DeviTheGaelet Sun 12-Feb-17 14:13:44

Also not really sure how they are "non binary" if genitals are nothing to do with sex confused

ItsNotUnusualToBe Sun 12-Feb-17 14:16:49


I read that as "hymens have a non binary gender could nstruct"

SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Sun 12-Feb-17 14:18:56

Yeah, that's typical hyena, the SJW of the animal kingdom. Last I heard they were no-platforming the elephants for getting a more sympathetic depiction in the media.

Gallavich Sun 12-Feb-17 14:24:58

Did you scroll down a few and see the article about being multi gender? That's a beaut

BeyondUnderthinking Sun 12-Feb-17 14:25:09

I also love "oo we don't know what chromosomes anyone has"
I have female bits, menstruate, have two children and have breastfed them. I can take an educated guess.
DH has male bits and two children. I can take a fair guess

My mum - female bits, post-menopause, three children, breastfed. Educated guess XX
My uncle - male bits, three children. Educated guess XY

My next door neighbour. Appears female, has appeared pregnant, appears to have two children. Educated guess XX

I can go on... grin

BeyondUnderthinking Sun 12-Feb-17 14:29:33

Plus we did a DNA chromatography (iirc?) thing in a level chemistry, and I don't remember anyone in the class coming up as having more than two sex chromosomes.

Datun Sun 12-Feb-17 14:31:30

A lot of the commenting was along the lines of you shouldn't assign a sex to someone at birth, just let them grow up and tell you what sex they are.

And then what? Cut bits off their body?

venusinscorpio Sun 12-Feb-17 14:38:19

Am absolutely PMSL at the comedy tropes thread where Everyday Fuckwitticism themselves managed to accidentally misgender a transwoman!

MaryTheCanary Sun 12-Feb-17 14:48:22

That's one heck of a neck erection.

YorkshireTree Sun 12-Feb-17 15:51:20

Rebecca is doing well not to tell them to fuck off. That one bloke who was saying some produce ova and some sperm but so what? Way to erase the MASSIVE struggles women have had directly related to our reproductive function.

VestalVirgin Sun 12-Feb-17 16:54:02

Apparently hyenas have a "non binary gender construct".

Yeah, they do. Along with cats, dogs and every animal on earth.

... wait, no. They have NO binary gender construct. Because, being animals, they do not have any stupid fucking gender construct at all, they just have biological, actual sex, and that's it!

(Granted there are animals where some males pretend to be female and mate with males to secretly get access to females in another male's harem. But as their genes make them appear like females, I would say that is a variety on the male sex genetics rather than a gender construct.)

venusinscorpio Sun 12-Feb-17 17:05:08

These people "curate" their social media, only hang out in SJW echo chambers and stick their fingers in their ears when they come across a slightly dissenting opinion, however reasonable and respectfully expressed. Only stopping to wail "who let in all the transphobes". They have convinced themselves that the blithering idiocy they spout actually makes sense.

shins Sun 12-Feb-17 17:56:28

Counting down the minutes til I get deleted...

Can I identify as a hyena or would that just be flaunting my cisspecies privilege?

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