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Sex work isn't just's art. Apparently

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thecraftyfox Wed 08-Feb-17 14:39:00

"Maxine Holloway was first introduced to sex work through her art practice. For a long time, she had been doing self-portraiture in which she used her body as a medium to explore human sexuality. She had many friends who worked as porn performers in San Francisco at the time, and she decided to try it herself. "I kind of considered it an extension [of my practice], like this is the next evolution of my artwork," said Holloway. "I was going to act out sex in a creative way."

So now it's not just the myth of the happy hooker but selling sex is now a creative artistic act...I'm at a loss to explain how frustrating and ridiculous I find this. Anybody else feeling more articulate?

VestalVirgin Wed 08-Feb-17 14:52:40

I am not much surprised. There has always been an overlap.

Like the (male) filmmakers who'd torture (mostly women) actors to make their movies more "authentic". That is considered art because ... I don't know, because a man made it and men like it?

Also, Helmut Newton. Allegedly art.

What I very much doubt is that a legitimate female artist would be able to make as much money with some piece of porn that is an authentic expression of her thoughts and feelings, etc., performed by herself, as money is made with the average porn film. Or even just close to it.

For me to consider it art, her humanity would have to be expressed in it, and that's not in demand by porn buyers.

But the definition of what constitutes art is extremely fuzzy, and I am not one of those who "officially" decide about it, so ... yeah, not surprised that she can make porn, perhaps even successful porn, and have it be lauded as art.

Xenophile Wed 08-Feb-17 15:52:47

I wonder if the women forced to allow men to fuck them in red light areas are involved in this "sex work is art" thing or if it's just the middle class white women who seem to run the prostituted women's narrative now?

20p bet says it's the latter.

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