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Help me reply to my MP re trans debate

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SweetGrapes Mon 30-Jan-17 16:06:38

I send a letter to my MP before the trans rights debate in December and he reolied a few days back.
The email starts of saying that equality is for everyone da da da dadah... there are hierarchies in equality etc. All fair enough.

Then there is one paragraph that I didn't understand - what does the below mean? Are most trans people being kept with the gender they identify with or the other way around?

Your letter also raised some concerns about access to single-sex and separate sex services by transgender individuals. Under the Equality Act 2010, some organisations may treat people with the protected characteristic of gender reassignment differently in particular circumstances when it comes to accessing single- and separate-sex services, such as services provided to survivors of domestic abuse. The Government's guidance on the issue makes it explicitly clear that the exception can only be used in exceptional circumstances and where there is no less discriminatory way of providing the service. The Government wants to make sure that the law in this area operates fairly and is not abused. I am assured that Ministers will consider further evidence and representation from all affected parties before taking any future policy decisions.

And the last paragraph concerned me - as I didn't know this was a done deal - laws amended etc..

Following a recent review, the Government confirmed that transgender offenders will now generally be managed in the gender with which they identify rather than the sex assigned to them at birth. However, there will still be a minority of cases where this is not possible.

This above para seems just thrown in at the end and does not well with the no hierarchy for equality da da dah stuff in the first few paragraphs and makes me very uncomfortable. I want to ask if a risk assessment was done of the impact of this on the women already in womens prisons and what acknowledgement is there of the risk to female bodied inmates from a male bodied inmate being kept there with them.

Please help me phrase my questions....

SweetGrapes Mon 30-Jan-17 16:07:48

*no hierarchies in equality ffs!

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