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What would your ideal be?

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TwoLeftSocks Sun 22-Jan-17 10:38:01

I lurk on here a fair bit and am learning and thinking alot. I'll just wondering if I could ask, what would be the ideal for you all?

How would you like things to be in say a hundred years time or so? I know some things will change in our life times but I'm thinking the ultimate ideal, in terms of society, work, government, relationships, gender diversity, etc.

I've got as far no one batting an eyelid at who has what responsibilities and roles at work and in families (I.e. everyone is completely equal) and there is no domestic violence but am still working on the rest.

DeviTheGaelet Sun 22-Jan-17 15:39:47

Fewer rapes and better conviction rates for those who do rape
Less imagery of the female body/sex used in advertising
No prostitutes because men realise that buying consent is unacceptable and it's stigmatised
Porn reflects actual loving sex
Girls round the world have access to education and appropriate menstrual products
No forced marriage
No "honor killing"
More men doing care work and staying at home
Equal pay for men and women
More women in government and positions of power in business and society too
Equal numbers of male/female obituaries in the paper
Unisex cosmetics as the norm
Women wearing less makeup and with natural hair
Men wearing more make up/being "femme"
There's more, I will be back!

meditrina Sun 22-Jan-17 15:46:30

Clean water and sanitation available worldwide

Free, good quality education at least to primary level and readily accessible in every country

Good healthcare readily accessible in every country.

Without those, the global lot for women will continue to be hard. And fixing those will reduce global inequality (for both sexes) as well as being really transformational to the women who suffer disproportionately when the basics just aren't right.

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