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Clare Hollingworth RIP - what a life!

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whoputthecatout Wed 11-Jan-17 12:02:01

As a 'baby' journalist in the 1960s my hero was Clare Hollingworth, who has died aged 105.

Imagine what it must have been like to be a female war correspondent in the 1930s/40s etc. - long before my generation of second wave feminists were around to join together to fight for equal rights?

I have never forgotten her response when asked if she had encountered male prejudice. "Never from first class men. It is only second raters who are scared of being outclassed by a woman."

I held on to that quote in the 60s/70s whenever I came up against knobs who tried to keep me in my place. Sometimes I even quoted her grin

RIP Clare - amazing human being.

meditrina Wed 11-Jan-17 12:06:27

I knew her (slightly) some 25 years ago.

I hadn't actually realised she was still alive until I read the news of her death.

Yes, an amazing life.


qwerty232 Wed 11-Jan-17 12:08:22

What a life. I wanted to do something like that when I was a teenager, but would never have had the guts. Quite a woman.

Teaspoon74 Wed 11-Jan-17 12:11:47

Whilst Kate Adie was my journo hero (though I ended up driving the desk in Blighty rather than being overseas doing the reporting ;( ) learning about Clare today has been amazing.

To the end she slept with her passport. Ready to go. And when asked to speak to a women's group about being a female war correspondent she was quick to point out that her gender was absolutely irrelevant.


M0stlyHet Wed 11-Jan-17 12:27:05

So glad someone has started a thread about her - I read her obituary yesterday. What an amazing woman. Any one of the stories about her would have made me think "wow, this was someone who made an impact", but collectively, her life was just immense.

RIP Clare.

KnittedBlanketHoles Thu 12-Jan-17 14:12:01

Wow, what a life.

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