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Feminist podcasts

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KanyesVest Fri 06-Jan-17 18:22:03

I'm trying to kill two birds with one stone - broaden my feminist thinking while running. I've listened to a good bit of The Guilty Feminist and while I like the gist of it, other parts make me a bit ragey (seems I'm quite the burgeoning rad fem grin). I've only discovered The Women's Podcast, and have enjoyed most of what I've listened to, particularly the recent inclusion of a speech by Eve Ensler.

Can anyone recommend anything else? I'm also open to audio books but in general prefer the discussion dynamic of a podcast. Thanks.

PoochSmooch Fri 06-Jan-17 18:28:34

I'm with you on The Guilty Feminist - it is funny, particularly Deborah Frances White, but sometimes they lose me a bit politically. I'll have to have a look at The Women's Podcast, I haven't come across it before.

I recommend Meghan Murphy's Feminist Current podcast. Rad fem as you like grin

There was an episode of Revisionist History called The Lady Vanishes that was quite feminist. Also a generally interesting podcast.

But that's all I've got. Hope you get some more recs that I can steal too!

SpartacusWoman Fri 06-Jan-17 18:41:19

Looking at my subscription list I have

"throwing shade" it's a bloke and a woman and each episode has a woman's issue and a gay rights issue that's featured in news etc.

"Double X" a panel type show discussing different issues each episode with listeners input too.

"Vagina chronicles podcast" not listened to this in a while but i
For. What I remember it's easy to fool and understand, I find a lot of discussions use big words or references that as a newbie, I didn't grasp blush

"What would a feminist do?" Not listened to this one yet, appears it's from the guardian.

There's women's hour from the bbc also.

There's literally hundreds if you type in feminism into your podcast search engine although many are not active anymore but have lots of content worth listening to. I'll try remember what I've listened to in the past. You can get even more results using terms like "women's rights" "female issues" in the podcast app search engine. Sometimes some podcasts are not based on feminism but have episodes about women issues so it's worth checking for indivual episodes too. I use an app called podcast addict and you can search individual episodes for keywords as well as searching podcast themes.

KanyesVest Fri 06-Jan-17 19:44:23

Thanks, some great links there. I will look at them over the next few days. I also just remembered the Cracked podcasts with Jason Parjin can be really good. He's written some very good stuff in the site too (as David Wong).

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